Police lose another TOP COP!

Bunk trades gun belt for fire hose.
Returns to FDNL

PD wishes Chris the best back at the FD!

NLPD salutes Chief Riechard

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Be a part of the elite NLPD K-9 Team!

Submit your email to Capt Bergeson by 6/11


Lynch drops a bomb!
Submits papers for retirement!

Storied career comes to a close June 25th!
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Daquan Stuckey, previously a State of Connecticut Judicial Marshall, is an alumnus of Quinnipiac University (Hamden, CT) with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a New Jersey native. Starts the academy June 4th.


Chief stuns the membership with retirement!

Congratulations Chief on 34 years in Law Enforcement!




Congratulations Trish Lieteau to her promotion to Capt – Groton City


Thank you Kat!Read Letter to editor
New London council showing its anti-police bias


2021 – Firearms 300 shoota’s!
Ryan Top Gun!
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The Men and Woman of the New London Police Union donate their time to community events and charities.
The monies gathered during our fundraiser are released to the numerous organizations, most in

which Union members participate in.




511 Police Officers ‘Feloniously Killed’ On Duty in Last 10 Years on Record.  READ



PCRC member Habibah Abdul-Hakeem complains that Capt Wrights investigative report was 409 pages. “This is too long how could any one read this”!

Makes reference that police purposely made long report to hide malfeasance (our words not hers) even though criminal case has already been closed with a conviction.
So much for transparency… We’ll offer a cliff note version next meeting


Newest Rifleman – S Perry, Valerio



The House unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that “strengthens” the legal framework for what’s considered deadly use of force by a police officer and delays the training for police officers in the new standard.

Rep. Tom O’Dea, R-New Canaan, said he felt the bill was rushed when it was passed during a special session last July and appreciates that the bill was revisited this session, even though Democratic lawmakers had initially been resistant to any changes.


State Rep’ Nolans campaign manager Councilor Burke says...

I do support the ordinance as presented to repeal the mandated minimum number of police officers. I support reallocating funds from the Police Department to Public Works, Human Services, and education. In the protests this past spring, protesters were told it was too late because the budget was already adopted. I want to remind everyone that in the fiscal year 2020-2021, the New Haven PD was cut by $4 million. The Hartford PD was cut by $1 million.

Rep’ Nolan silent on if he signed petition to save police jobs!


Thank you Sue from TA Scotts and their collection of $700 for the K-9 program!


Poll: 82% don’t support ‘defund the police’ movement – read

Capt Galante

Aft squad throws Lt Galante a last shift party


Rich Cable gets his MPO stripes!


American Cancer Society donation!

Alexis from ACS accepts 724’s donation


Original Neighborhood Alliance and police partner   Waldren “Pokey” Phillips passes

Photo from The Day


Thank you Chief and Burdick family for the new TV in the lunch room!


6 New recruits to will attend the academy remotely


Full circle – Christmas Eve 2019 to 2020
NL Police Union and J Pelchat offer gift cards to the Warrans.
Rayquan Warren, Sgt J Pelchat and Savahn Warren.

On Christmas Eve, city police officers surprised 12-year-old Savahn Warren with a bundle of gifts the day after his mother, Asia Warren, was found dead in their home and his brother Rayquan was arrested in front of him on an outstanding warrant. Read


Promotion final test results

Police Detective: Zandri
Police Sergeant: Linderson, Delgrosso, Soccio
Police Lieutenant: J Bergeson, LM Keating, C Flynn
Police Captain: M Galante, Picket, J Kalolo



Retirees get qualified!
Change of command brings NEW volunteer lists!
Members have until July 9, 0800 to submit for the following positions:
Motorcycle operator
K-9 Handler
MOI Instructor

Retiree qualify June 21..


E-Board selects Joe Buzzeli to take over as Union President when T Lynch retires  on 6/30

Joe Pelchat and Dee Nott add to fill Eboard.
D Omara take VP and M Cassiere Secretary
All short time assignments until new election end of Oct
June and FINAL  update
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We predicted this exodus last year from regressive legislation at the State Capitol and zero support from City Hall. Our elected officials have bent over backwards to appease the small but vocal anti police crowd at the expense of public safety.
Our cops have decided why stay where you aren’t welcome or appreciated. Councilors have ignored serious discussions with law enforcement professionals on city public safety other than repeat loud and often their zero sum plan that all education and social service agency revenues must only result from defunding the police budget.
 With W Neff retired… Who is the next Mr OBP!?

Outside work available all summer beginning 6/16
0800-1600, 1600-2000 Sign up NOW!
Big Poppie acting Chief!
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August 10th
Hostage crisis worsens!
Supervisors ordered -in on days off!
Members furious, morale at an all time low!
Lt  Pickett takes over as Detective LT to assist Chief
PCRC of the past. Picnic at Fulton park
sponsored by NLPU




Retiree qualifications will be held in June of this year.

Tentative date is June 21.
Contact Training Sgt Joe Pelchat 860-447-5285



From the President:  Mr Goodwin,  I have read you Facebook post…

Mr Goodwin states he supports accountability, healthier community, youth and equality. Also cares about the residents, tax dollars and their right to how they want to address Public Safety…

NO WHERE does he state he supports or cares about the men and women of the NLPD, who put their lives on the line every night to protect the City of NL.

I find THAT embarrassing and harmful!
President T Lynch


We won’t be silenced!

As long as I’m in charge!
Listen Weds 0700 on 94.9fm


724 mourns Sgt Mattson

“Mad Dog”

Breakfast send off for MPO Baker!

Late June party TBA at Hot Rods!


Thank you petition organizers!

We have met the threshold!
Taking the vote to the people!!

Read it

“The groups that led the charge and signed a letter requesting the repeal have been vocal about their efforts to defund the police department,” Goulart said. “This ordinance was the barrier. We’re not stupid. These two things are linked.”



“Your department’s loss is our gain,” said Oswego County Sheriff Donald Hilton. “It is a great opportunity for us.”

City has finally found a taker for “intimidating” vehicle.
Oswego NY Sheriff Dept glad to take it.


Congrats Lt Keating and Sgt Linderson!

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Trustees roll up their sleeves and dig into the books!

Send their finding to the EBoard



NLPU mourns the recent loses of Capt Richard West
and Vinny Garcia.


Local 724 didn’t even have a seat at the table for their input!

Public Safety Policy Review Committee


Thank you to Old Saybrook Police, CRAHD, Chief Spera and the OS Emergency Management team for providing NLPD with COVID Vaccines!

A huge thank you to Max Berstch for organizing!

Back the Blue party at Filomenias July 11!

Lynch retirement party @ 4pm
Smak Dab performs later in the night!


Danny J cleans out his locker!

Submits retirement papers!


Mad Mike say goodbye!

Long time dispatcher to bang his last keyboard June 2nd




Union fundraiser to begin mid June

Monies collect get resent to charitable causes!
Learn more here





Thank you local business who have recently reached out to show their gratitude towards police!

Grillo Family – dinner for the Pd!

Recovery Room delivers pizza to Pd for Police Week!

Thank you!



Long time Amtrak PD Jimmy Moran Passes.


Bench at Ocean Beach

Outside the Ice cream stand

Officer Nott shows the Mitchell Early Education children tad pols that FF J Nott and Dee had caught.


New London police run errands for ‘defund’ council


The Midnight crusader Wayne Neff – 25 years

Click on photo gallery above.
Chief sends letter that Wayne has been nominated for the Distinguished Service Medal!

Mr Ocean Beach is also long time EMT who often beat the fire department to many serious injury scenes. Wayne provided countless life saving first aid over his career. His retirement is another great loss for New London.


Looking for leadership…?

Do the right thing!


This is probably not a popular take among the defund-the-police crowd. Sorry. But I find the local defund-the-police crowd incorrectly applying a national narrative to a local domain, whose police force is professional and efficient. There’s no denying police brutality is very real and that Colin Kaepernick was right. But howling about it in New London, Ct., is misplaced, saying more about a group’s cries for attention than anything factual or practical.
READ Mike Dimauros Opinion


Councilors actually want police to seek and find them if they are not home to hand deliver them their Council packages that they can get electronically….

Chop chop! Wheres my package!


Dee reaches MPO status!

Settling old debts...

Roger finally re-pays
breakfast for Yvonne!


Honoring Raheem Carter

Read more


NLPU remembers Sandy Hook.

Emilie’s playground Riverside Park

The NLPD photo book makes great holiday gift!
get it on Amazon or contact LT LM Keating 860-447-5281

The Men and Woman of the New London Police Union donate their time to community events and charities.
The monies gathered during our fundraiser are released to the numerous organizations, most in which Union members participate in