FREE rescue vehicle on its way out…

City has finally found a taker for the highly offensive vehicle.
Oswego NY Sheriff Dept glad to take it and will  to drive it back to Central NY!



The fix is in! The 3 required council readings of 80 cop ordinance is waived..

Councilors now can start the defund.



Capt Galante

Aft squad throws Lt Galante a last shift party


Rich Cable gets his MPO stripes!


American Cancer Society donation!

Alexis from ACS accepts 724’s donation



The members of the New London Police Union sends our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of fallen FBI Agents Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberge



New London police face criticism without substance

someone has our back..


Original Neighborhood Alliance and police partner   Waldren “Pokey” Phillips passes

Photo from The Day


Thank you Chief and Burdick family for the new TV in the lunch room!



CSP with their MRAP protecting the Capitol. Being used to protect the ones who voted for the police accountability act. You can use it to protect politicians but not cops and citizens


Council 4 Releases Priorities for 2021 Legislative Session
Protecting Collective Bargaining & Workers’ Rights


6 New recruits to will attend the academy remotely


The poison pen… at it again!

Attempts to orchestrate a  PCRC vote to be involved in Contract negotiations but FAILS. Kris Wraight drafts letter to PS committee concerning the long closed Lashano Gilbert case.
READ CASE FACTS: from S.A. Office


Union buys and grills grub for New Years!


Someone cares about Patrol…

Thank you Galante Family!


Full circle – Christmas Eve 2019 to 2020
NL Police Union and J Pelchat offer gift cards to the Warrans.
Rayquan Warren, Sgt J Pelchat and Savahn Warren.

On Christmas Eve, city police officers surprised 12-year-old Savahn Warren with a bundle of gifts the day after his mother, Asia Warren, was found dead in their home and his brother Rayquan was arrested in front of him on an outstanding warrant. Read




LIVE from Fort Myers FLA! Pres Lynch 94.9

Monday 0930 hrs on 94.9



Congrats Lt Keating and Sgt Linderson!

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March update
So go ahead and listen to the HYV mentors from Smith College with their privileged liberal arts education that costs $75,000 a year (that’s 2.5 times the New London annual per capita income of $28,450) as they prey upon ignorance and raw emotions with their demands to defund us. They are woke and know what best for the rest of us.
Read full update HERE


Trustees roll up their sleeves and dig into the books!

Send their finding to the EBoard



NLPU mourns the recent loses of Capt Richard West
and Vinny Garcia.


City stuns Labor Board by announcing they have made a promotion to Capt in the middle of the arbitration meeting! Union unaware !

Matty – O to be promoted 2/14!
 S Fields testifies that City was wrong and Chief testifies that “He does not recall”…

Meeting concludes  – both parties to submit Briefs to SBMA.  Ruling will be  several months from now.

Read history of the MPP here

Did you tell the Union you intended to extend the list….?

Jack says CLICK ME



Murders soared in 2020
thanks to the anti-policing movement!



724 donates to The Johnson Family





We won’t be silenced!

As long as I’m in charge!
Listen Weds 0700 on 94.9fm


Local 724 didn’t even have a seat at the table for their input!

Public Safety Policy Review Committee


Thank you to Old Saybrook Police, CRAHD, Chief Spera and the OS Emergency Management team for providing NLPD with COVID Vaccines!

A huge thank you to Max Berstch for organizing!


Thanks Mad Mike for the New Years Eve feast!

It was the night before Christmas…. We’re here, but..
If you had NOT ONE of the  Admin’ staff showing up today…? You win! See Moke for pay out..

Police Admin never ceases to amaze.. Pres Lynchs meeting to put recent Supervisors Order-ins at a minimum falls on deaf ears.

Sgts brace for impact, YOUR gonna be Ordered in for the Holiday!
Wait, what!? Christmas is the 25th this year!?

Keeps your eye what time all the Admin vehicles have left the lot on Christmas Eve… Moke taking odds on its prior to Noon..
Your lack of planning is NOT our emergency.

President has requested Grievance to by-pass step #1 and go DIRECTLY to City Hall!


Rob Picket steps up!

Cops helping cops.


Rob comes off vacation to take 2 shifts and save 2 Sgts from order in!


Thank you Mrs Denoyer for the cool NLPD face masks!
Thanks Chief for the cool kooszie!





Pack the Paddy Wagon!

$1,230 in cash donations, 95 Birds, $250 in gift cards
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Promotion final test results

Police Detective: Zandri
Police Sergeant: Linderson, Delgrosso, Soccio
Police Lieutenant: J Bergeson, LM Keating, C Flynn
Police Captain: M Galante, Picket, J Kalolo

John Russell and Kat Goulart are collecting signatures to reverse the repeal of the 80 Cop Ordinance.


Support from The Day

The vote is likely to be demoralizing to city police, and needlessly so. The council controls the purse strings and approves the budget. That includes setting the police ranks, whether the 80-staffing ordinance remained or not. But by putting a slash through that number the council has picked sides, and it’s not the side of police.



Attention local Police Chiefs!
NL Officers available and ready to transfer! 
Members Click here for funded Depts accepting applications


Honoring Raheem Carter

Read more



Lee and Todd take a break this week. Possible reports from Red Sox training nation in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned



Another anit-cop/Union PCRC member that we’re to work with for better relations…

Finizo appointee.



President grills The Mayor on Why are other promotions are  not being made!

FD is fully staffed though..




Joe Pelchat gets knighted to Training Sgt!


John Manavas

In 1963, John joined the New London Police Department. He served as president, vice president and treasurer of the Police Benevolence Association throughout his career as a police officer. After 32 years of service, he retired and was a lifetime member of the Police Association of Connecticut.
Read obit

John donated numerous old time pictures that you see on our History page as well as The NLPD photo book. JP was 91.



NLPU remembers Sandy Hook.

Emilie’s playground Riverside Park

The NLPD photo book makes great holiday gift!
get it on Amazon or contact Sgt LM Keating 860-447-5285


Mike Buscetto,Fire and Police Unions  team up for Holiday donations
Dee and Chef Tom deliver meals to needy NL families!
FD and PD provide clothes for 5 families 15 kids total!

Home Foundation supplies NLPD with more toys to distribute!

The Men and Woman of the New London Police Union donate their time to community events and charities.
The monies gathered during our fundraiser are released to the numerous organizations, most in which Union members participate in