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Inauguration Update


Our updates generally center on local and state issues but the recent  events in Washington shifted our focus this month to national politics.

The January 6th insurrection on the United States Capitol was a horrifying illegal rebuke attack on an orderly transition of power. Regardless of your politics, the Capitol is the people’s house, our house standing for freedom and rule of law  around the world. Shining majestically on a hill in Washington DC it is a worldwide symbol of our democracy.

President Trump had every legal right to contest the election and did. Many judges in many different courts including the US Supreme Court failed to agree with him. Trump was entitled to due process which he exercised but not guaranteed the win which he believed entitled to.

Most of Trump’s bellicose twitter feeds became too much and seriously wounded the Republican Party. His selfish and classless lack of respect for the Office of the President was the last straw for even his most ardent supporters.


We are a country of laws and nobody is above the law. As law enforcement officers we are sworn to uphold and follow the law. What the rioters did was inexcusable. Regardless of their far left or far right beliefs everyone who breached the Capitol restricted areas, participated in violence or property destruction must be brought to justice.  No excuses, no exceptions.

On behalf of every member of the New London Police Union and New Police Department  we extend our condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of United States Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick.  He joins 15 other law enforcement officers  in America who died in the line of duty this past month. May they rest in peace.

However the people who lawfully and peacefully attended the rally were  Americans exercising their constitutional rights with their diversity of opinions and should not be targets of the progressive’s assault on First Amendment speech by cancel culture to crush dissent. Blacklisting and denying people work and their livelihoods because of their political opinions harkens back to the 1950’s McCarthyism. It was wrong then and wrong now.  

We have  become a divided country where only one side is being heard at the expense of the other. This is destroying our expectations of the  American Dream allowing each of us to attaining their own version of success in a society achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work.  Welcoming differing opinions and debate are what makes our  country great, the current censoring any alternate point of view is dangerous.

Attorney Norm Pattis recently wrote, “Social media censorship is a red-hot topic now. Conservatives are outraged by a perceived bias against their content by the likes of Facebook and Twitter; liberals want to avoid hate speech and misinformation by adopting standards; and techies have all but resigned themselves to some level of government regulation. Each of these groups have it wrong. There is a simple fix: Require social media companies to adhere to first amendment standards. We don’t need a complex new body of law to govern social media’s treatment of speech. We already time-tested legal doctrines”.

That said our political leaders were elected to represent us and they govern by our consent. The current climate in Washington is a zero sum game where one party must win at the loss of the other or visa versa. There has been no room for compromise because there seems more importance on political power than solving the country’s problems. That has to stop.

Now the Democrats own both chambers  of Congress and White House. Mr. Biden is our new President and he deserves the respect the office commands. However, there are 74 million voters, regular Americans like you and me that say he did not win by mandate so they must be part of the new dialogue.

There will be no screams of RESIST, or not my president. Everyone should recognize identity politics as divisive and damaging  quickly turning the country into pockets of special interest tribalism. We have a new administration, all of us must come together and focus on solutions to  heal as a nation.

Mr. Biden will do well if he lives up to his promise of serving all Americans not just the ones who voted for him.  History has painted Biden as a moderate Democrat and he  will need all the stamina he has to push back on the far left progressives who seem bent on making this country a socialist state with common sense solutions that will work for everyone.

Senator Angus King of Maine said “Compromise is the essence of human experience” . We hope moderates like him can influence both sides for find the middle ground on the many issues we face with only so much of other people’s money left before we’re all broke.

 Good luck President Biden you will need it.




The views expressed by the author may not necessarily reflect the views of all Local 724 members.

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THE DECISIONS that a legislative body makes, whether it is a school board, city council, county board, state legislature, or the U.S. Congress, affect AFSCME members and their families in dramatic ways.
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