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Local 724 Political News
Keep it right here for you latest Team 724 news and events.
Political Director Chuck Flynn will posting vital info to the campaign
and Team 724's next move..


New London is perpetually broke and needs to find its own way to sustainability. If the state won't make the current PILOT program fair and equitable to municipalities than revoke tax exempt status altogether or allow municipalities authority to impose a yearly surcharge on grand list value to these organizations for municipal services.
We offer our own funding ideas to the mix: impose false police/fire alarm fines, bed tax on colleges and hospitals if they won't make an equitable voluntary payments to the city, surcharge each passenger and vehicle leaving and entering New London via Cross Sound and Fishers Island ferry or install an electronic tolls on Ferry Street and lower State Street for each vehicle using ferry access, sell off surplus city buildings and properties.

New London is chock full of homeless and transients, many with mental health and substance abuse problems from all over New London County placing a huge demand on city emergency services. With that in mind think regionally- perhaps all the NL county towns or certainly the towns from Old Lyme to Stonington should give one quarter of one percent of their annual adopted budgets to the City to offset emergency services costs which could generate an estimated $1.5-2 million annually. While our neighboring towns will scream foul, our police officers know firsthand from prior contacts with the homeless many were provided rides or bus fare to New London from their respective social services agencies efficiently eliminating their problem by making it ours
The Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) was created from a federal court decree over 40 years ago to foster better police community relations and when it comes to civilian complaints against police, a duty to "review the he complaint and the investigation of such complaint by the police department, including its findings of fact …and shall, after review of the complaint, investigation and findings, conclude that such investigation is [timely], adequate or inadequate"

We wanted to share some of the nonsense we deal with from our local progressive PCRC member who is always triggered, believes victimhood can be empowering and feelings are the same as facts. A motorist complaint alleging he was stopped due to race was investigated concluding not one fact nor circumstance supported any aspects of the complaint filed and classified the complaint as "unfounded".

The investigative report was then presented to the PCRC on May 1st where all members in attendance concurred with the finding except for the sole PCRC social class warrior who rejected the investigative findings and inserted her own anti police biased conclusion in search of facts claiming it would be fair to assume that the officer assumed the male was black because it was dark out and it would also be fair that the complainant would believe he was racially profiled based on systemic racism that he has probably been subjected to his whole life. Thus she became the sole vote deemed an inadequate investigation. Need we say more.

On the subject of you just can't make this New London stuff up, members of the police department were on alert a few weeks back looking out for those unmarked tow trucks owned by the repo man from taking our newest police cars delivered in November from vendor MHQ of Middletown. Apparently the city Finance Director ignored the many requests for payment from MHQ before ordering the cars be repossessed. After a tense week of avoiding the repo man the city finally authorized payments.

Following up on our May update, Councilor Anthony Nolan came forward stating he recently gave back $13,000 in campaign contributions from supporters backing his potential run for mayor. Nolan explained he needs several more years to be retirement eligible before running for mayor giving Mike Passero's re-election campaign an unexpected shot in the arm.

The police department's dark cloud of nebulas negativity continues to hover with the usual overworked, understaffed and underfunded, where everything is broken, dirty or obsolete. In the last 8 years our operating budget nose dived from around $12 million to $7.9 million and nobody seems to care - as long as their 911 call is answered. City Councilors all are quick to proclaim "they support the police" - but time and again vote against police funding requests. Councilor Nolan you work for this agency why are you silent on these conditions? Remember it's election time, City Councilors control the money and should be held accountable for the almost third world conditions here in New London.

An update on the police union K9 fundraising campaign that began last fall. We are proud to announce we reached our goal of $18,000 allowing the purchase of four police dogs for the City. Two K9's, Iris and Jesse have been in service since early this year. Our third and newest member is a ten month old Czechoslovakian shepherd puppy recently named Whaler who is not quite ready for formal training. A fourth dog is set for sometime during the new fiscal year beginning July 1. Our members wish to thank each and every donor large and small who made it possible to reinstate the NLPD K9 unit.

Continuing with our thanks, we take a moment to shout out to Councilor John Satti who has been a consistent voice behind the scenes to rally efforts for more police. He understands public safety issues and realizes any improvements to the quality of city life and future New London development requires additional police resources.
Also congratulations to Sal Luciano Executive Director of AFSCME Council 4 retired after 38 years of AFSCME leadership. A former social worker with the state of Connecticut's Department of Children and Youth Services, he became a steward for AFSCME Local 2663 in 1980. Elected president of Local 2663 in 1989 and of Council 4 in 1999. Vice President of the United Labor Agency (AFL-CIO) and Executive Vice President of the Connecticut AFL-CIO. Board member of the state of Connecticut Retirement Commission. Elected International Vice President in 2002.
Sal was a warrior at the tip of the spear for the middleclass ensuring union members wages, benefits and working conditions were fair and equitable. He was respected not only in Hartford but Washington DC for his tireless efforts on behalf of working men and women throughout Connecticut. He leaves behind big shoes to fill. We thank him for his tireless service and wish him well in retirement

The Legislature wrapped up another session with a budget in place. One of the biggest issues this session was the Republican cry to control state spending by curbing collective bargaining by public employees with proposals after the 2027 state contracts expire. They don't intend to negotiate they insist to legislate and summarily eliminate these collective bargaining rights.
The Republican plans call for: ending collective bargaining for retirement benefits, for leaving all of these matters to be resolved solely by the legislature, removing overtime from pension calculations and suspending cost-of-living adjustments to pensions for retirees who became vested after mid-2027 until the system holds enough assets to cover 80 percent of pension obligations (like they will ever let that happen!). While not successful this time they only need net gain of five seats to have a 76-75 majority.
The State Employee Retirement System (SRS) funded ratio currently stands at less than 40 percent, economists claim an 80% ratio is ideal. Wisconsin has the best state pension ratio in the country at 61% funded. New London employees participate in a separate state pension program known as the CT Municipal Employee Retirement System (C-MERS) with a funded ratio of 87%. New London has no future employee pension liabilities expenses other than yearly contributions for active employed C-MERS participants.

Most police officers are center/right with their political views and registered Republican or Independent voters. The Democrats have always protected unions and public workers and still do to this day. But the hijacking of the Democratic National Party over the last 20 years over by the polarizing far left progressives/socialist views as the new normal has turned many blue collar workers sour on the party and what it now stands for. When state Republicans offer only draconian proposals that vilify and punish public-sector workers for problems they did not create it leaves us with few good options.

The Connecticut Republican nominating convention held at Foxwoods endorsed Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton for his third attempt as their gubernatorial candidate along with Southington State Senator Joe Markley for Lt. Governor. Boughton a former social studies teacher before becoming an eight term mayor in a Democrat city has focused his issues on remaking state government and eliminating the state income tax as Connecticut's road back to prosperity.
Joe Markley has declared Connecticut is worth fighting for and known as Dan Malloy's most outspoken critic and advocates for real cuts in runaway spending. Markley was also co-founder of the Connecticut Taxpayers Committee helped organize the massive Ave the Tax rally that drew 65,000 citizens to the state capitol in 1991 opposing Governor Lowell Weicker's proposed state income tax .

Over $8 billion or 50% of state revenue is from the current income tax. Boughton's idea of a strong Connecticut economy by big spending cuts (less state employees and services) and eliminating the income tax seems incomprehensible. Conventional wisdom suggests this ticket is not strong enough to beat the Democrats.
It seems fair to say former CT Democrat governors Ella Grasso and Bill O'Neil wouldn't recognize today's State Democratic Party. Current leaders having abandoned the Bill Clinton centrist Democrat position veering hard left progressive endorsing Ned Lamont with many prominent elected state leaders supporting him including an organized labor straw poll.
Lamont strong point is he supports collective bargaining and the legal right of state employees to negotiate healthcare and pension benefits, opposes right to work legislation and opposes any efforts eliminating or reducing the effectiveness of binding arbitration. He balanced his ticket with fellow progressive Susan Byciewicz for Lt Governor with a best chance effort for Democrats to not only win but point the party towards the Bernie Sanders far left position of governing the state. There may be some primary challengers in August but this ticket should remain intact.
A large voting block of most public employees and their families fearful of state Republican anti-union anti-labor issues will likely pinch their noses on the far left ideology and vote with their pocketbook and livelihood by supporting Ned Lamont, thus enduring another four years of snowflake social justice warrior censured political correctness and the need for safe spaces.







Why Political Action

THE DECISIONS that a legislative body makes, whether it is a school board, city council, county board, state legislature, or the U.S. Congress, affect AFSCME members and their families in dramatic ways.

Elected officials vote on budgets that affect employee wages, benefits, working conditions and pensions. They vote on issues of particular concern to AFSCME members, like privatization, and they vote on broader issues of concern to all working families, such as health care reform and workers' compensation. That's why working people need to have allies among elected officials. And that's why working people need to work to elect these allies.

The Local 724 executive board has the collective responsibility to provide vision and direction for the local. It is up to the leadership team to look ahead, set goals and develop a plan to make strategic planning a critical element to having a strong union which can only come about when membership is informed, educated and active.

Unions can never hope to match the hundreds of millions of dollars big business pours into every election. But working people have superior numbers, so they can get out in the streets and work for candidates. And if members pool their cash, unions can help make sure that their endorsed candidates have enough funds to compete against business-backed opponents in the ever-more important media ad wars.

Through the political process we can be involved in setting important public policy. Through the political process public employees can elect representatives who are sensitive to maintaining vital public services and committed to dealing with workers fairly.

Local 724 accomplishes this through political action in conjunction with the exercise of collective bargaining process, growth and community involvement to produce a just and rewarding workplace.


Local 724 gets recognized on the national level!

On January 28, 2011 at the Council 4 Campaign for the Middle Class Seminar in Meriden The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO thanked the New London Police Union- Local 724 for their efforts in the Labor 2010 campaign.

Lee Saunders, International Secretary-Treasurer and AFSCME Council 4's Sal Luciano who is also an International Vice President honored Local 724 with a certificate "In recognition of their tireless work and commitment during the 2010 State of Connecticut general elections". To this day labor leaders throughout the state continue to praise our Malloy/Wyman Pre-Debate Rally as a new benchmark of what local labor can achieve when committed to a goal.

Chuck Flynn was honored to accept the award on behalf of our entire membership which will hang proudly in the 724 "Hall of Justice". I want to personally thank everyone that participated in some way no matter how big or small. Our election success was due to the collective efforts of our TEAM-Together Everyone Accomplishes More.


724 helps East Lyme fight the cause

Why Political Action

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Political Director C Flynn

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