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Local 724 Political News
Keep it right here for you latest Team 724 news and events.
Political Director Chuck Flynn will posting vital info to the campaign
and Team 724's next move..


We start this update extending our gratitude and congratulations to Captain Lewis Best of Amtrak PD's Boston Division on his retirement after 38 years in law enforcement. He joined APD in 2013 after retiring as Deputy Chief with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police. Lew was APD's executive officer at our annual Sailfest. He always went the extra mile to assist us in any way his agency could with never a complaint only a smile. Lew was a true example of leadership always leading his troops from the front line. He will be missed. Enjoy a long and healthy retirement brother, we'll take it from here.

Union leadership continues with ongoing talks trying to find mutually agreeable changes in a working conditions agreement regarding body cameras and agency re-organization. The process has certainly been strained at times but both sides are committed to finding solutions. As a result talks are progressing with determination and we are close to a final resolution. We aren’t yet there but are much closer now than a few weeks ago.

Last month's update we told you our agency use force is a last resort. On July 6th police administration provided statistics to back up that claim. In 2019 NLPD responded to 18,834 calls for service resulting in 1,344 arrests. Of those arrested only 31 cases resulted in use of force which equates to 0.0231% of all arrests required any police use of force, none of which were deadly use of force encounters.
Those are impressive agency numbers that speaks volumes on the amount of restraint and professionalism our officers have de-escalating situations to safe conclusions. Instead of being hailed as an example of good policing it has been drowned out by the anti police hysteria and ignored by the media.
The anti-police climate across the country is affecting police departments including right here in New London with morale at an all-time low fearing legal and political backlash. NLPD cops go to work doing their job and doing it right as our statistic show. Yet the voices of support are drowned out by the vocal anti police agenda.

Take for example Council President Efrain Dominguez at the July 20 City Council meeting where he found it necessary to insult every New London police officer with his unsupported claim that "not all cops in New London are perfect. There has not been accountability across the board". We are not perfect but we good people who are all held accountable to Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council accredited agency standards. So we must ask Mr. Dominguez as a member of council for many years what is he talking about? Who are these bad cops? Who was not held accountable? When was this? Did he report and bring forward any names or actions of these bad cop allegations that only he seems to know about? Does he have knowledge of any cops not being held accountable? If so as an elected official what did he do about it?  We don't recall him ever bringing a complaint forward.
However we do recall the immediate and significant increased police activity on his street after he as a city councilor complained of drug activity resulting in two arrests. Were those the bad unaccountable cops he complains of?
Dominguez certainly wasn't offended when his neighborhood concern was rushed to a the top of the list as a priority. Tell that to the other neighborhoods- your constituents - who are still waiting for our understaffed police to get to their concerns.
Rather than say thank you he pans it by insisting the police were only doing their jobs. Then finds opportunities to criticize the police department with opinions, allegations and one sided anecdotes not supported by corroborated investigative findings designed only to appease his base of supporters.
Consider what officers will be willing to pro-actively protect their communities when public officials like him and communities do not support them.  Unjustifiably condemning police officers by filing people's minds with police distrust and hate is counterproductive and dangerous. A city official like President Dominguez who is falsely demonizing police does not build community trust it only weakens it. We suggest Mr. Dominguez spend his time developing better relationships with the police and public so we can work together to make our communities safer. 
On the other hand, we salute City Transportation Director Carey Redd who is from Hartford who recently sent a very kind letter to Mayor Passero where he stated, "Chief [Reichard] and his team of officers are doing a stellar job. They should be commended for the service they provide to New London". 
We thank Mayor Passero for standing up and publically defending our officers and agency during the City Council meeting. We appreciate the councilors 6-1 vote in favor of passing funding for new police cars and seed money a $2.1 million federal grant to hire 8 new police officers. Thank you also goes out to Councilor John Satti who took a moment at the 7/20 Council meeting to say a prayer for the police.

It doesn't help when the media’s all too favorable coverage of any and all anti-law-enforcement messaging from groups when police personnel are themselves not perceived by the press or the public as being held accountable for their actions. Trust, or perhaps more appropriately, distrust, is an occupational tool of the law enforcement profession. The lack of trust has everyone on their heels.
Likewise there is no shortage of politicians and community activists charging that police officers are not to be trusted including. That includes a State Representative inside our own building who dresses up as a police officer and actually claimed he "wears and fights hard for the color blue". Really? We missed that part.
Nolan also posted on his state representative facebook page to, "Stop the Lies"…from "blue bullying" attributed to anyone who challenged him on what the resulting changes in the police accountability really mean. Another words shut up and obey, he knows more than you.
While he may be very much respected in the community we are hard pressed to ever recall such a moment of him praising, defending or representing any of our member's concerns. Matter of fact "Peace Officer" Nolan as he calls himself has rarely if ever participated in any of the many Union sponsored charity events throughout the year except for showing up at National Night Out for a photo op with the kids for the next newspaper edition. If he attened two union member meetings in 20 years that was a lot. Oh wait, he did attend one union meeting seeking our endorsement for State Rep with a promise to participate in more member meetings. He was endorsed and never attended another meeting to this day. But that’s a whole other story form another time.
The results are cops who were once go-getters, who would go out and get the guns, drugs and bad guys off the street are hands-off now because they believe no longer have the politicians or public’s backing. Ironically the same people who verbally or even physically attack police officers are the same ones who call them for help.
Defund and abolish the police is the new mantra not to mention eliminate qualified immunity but the fact remains police have to go where the crime is and unfortunately crime falls disproportionately on the poor and minorities. Any cuts in police services will be felt immediately in those communities that in many ways need police the most, will pay the highest price.
Never deterred from bashing the police is Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) member Kris Wraight, the always woke, provoked and troubled by all known and unknown micro-aggression triggers related to police. Really just an all around scornful anti police activist who believe it or not, is actually charged with fostering better police community relations on this public board was again attacking our cops.
This time at the July 7th PCRC meeting when she took the opportunity to chastise the city for obtaining a federal grant to hire 8 new police officers trying to attain the city ordinance of 80 sworn personnel. Wraight could not understand why New London needs 80 police officers when she suggested Westport police with the same population gets the job done with 60.
So we start back in 2006 the City hired OSS Law Enforcement Advisors, seasoned law enforcement experts who reviewed our call volume, severity and demands for police services determined NLPD needed back then 118 officers - we have 69 . Our Marxist comrade believes more police in New London will only result in the over policing of the poor and people of color.
Next we take a look at the 2019 State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Annual 911 Report showing total 911calls for New London at 16,735 and Westport 8,957. Twice the calls! That fact certainly doesn't seem the same.
Now let's take a peek at 2018 FBI crime statistics released in September 2019 comparing New London to Westport and see how the two compare. Our guess is we just may be a tad bit busier than Westport.
NEW LONDON: Population 26, 858, Land Mass, 5.54 square miles, Population Density 4,919 per square mile. Total Crime: 1% below national average, Violent Crimes: 19% above and Property Crime:4% below, Median Income:$35,357, Poverty Rate: 28.2%, Livability Rank:133 of 169.
WESTPORT: Population of 28,115, Land Mass 33.30 square miles, Population Density 1,322 per square mile. Total Crime: 67% below national average, Violent Crime: 97% below, Property Crime: 61% below, Median Income: $166,307, Poverty Rate: 4.4%, Livability Rank: 9 of 169.
About the only thing New London has in common with Westport is being located in the same state. Don’t let those silly facts get in the way of Kris Wraight's non-stop propaganda. Unfortunately this attack on our police just the latest and certainly not the last.

Ahhhh yes, August 2020 has arrived with the dog days of summer upon us. There is something about summer that excites everyone from young to old because summer is all about sunshine, suntan lotion, an ocean breeze, tan lines, sunglasses, tall drinks and a summer vacation or two. Whether exploring new places or hitting some beach somewhere, there’s a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair.
What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August because a little bit of summer is what the whole year is about. A beach and a bottomless drink may not cure the world's problems but it can really get your head in the right place.
Our members certainly earned their vacations this year and have their bags packed for a wonderful guilt trip, COVID restrictions be damned!

No matter where you are or where you go summer vacation is a quest for fun - when you drink triple, see double and act single with sunshine on everyone's mind. Relax, eat , play, catch a wave, build sand castles, collect sea shells while soaking up the glorious sunshine.
While we go find our beach enjoying well deserved time off somewhere in the sun including this writer who will be on Island time when laziness finds respectability, we ask our readers to do the same.
Meantime we'll just save the rest of today's current events best described as nebulous nabobs of negativity from anti police socialists, activists, totalitarians and anarchists for next month. Now bartender, give me a hurricane before I go insane…...




Why Political Action

THE DECISIONS that a legislative body makes, whether it is a school board, city council, county board, state legislature, or the U.S. Congress, affect AFSCME members and their families in dramatic ways.

Elected officials vote on budgets that affect employee wages, benefits, working conditions and pensions. They vote on issues of particular concern to AFSCME members, like privatization, and they vote on broader issues of concern to all working families, such as health care reform and workers' compensation. That's why working people need to have allies among elected officials. And that's why working people need to work to elect these allies.

The Local 724 executive board has the collective responsibility to provide vision and direction for the local. It is up to the leadership team to look ahead, set goals and develop a plan to make strategic planning a critical element to having a strong union which can only come about when membership is informed, educated and active.

Unions can never hope to match the hundreds of millions of dollars big business pours into every election. But working people have superior numbers, so they can get out in the streets and work for candidates. And if members pool their cash, unions can help make sure that their endorsed candidates have enough funds to compete against business-backed opponents in the ever-more important media ad wars.

Through the political process we can be involved in setting important public policy. Through the political process public employees can elect representatives who are sensitive to maintaining vital public services and committed to dealing with workers fairly.

Local 724 accomplishes this through political action in conjunction with the exercise of collective bargaining process, growth and community involvement to produce a just and rewarding workplace.


Local 724 gets recognized on the national level!

On January 28, 2011 at the Council 4 Campaign for the Middle Class Seminar in Meriden The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO thanked the New London Police Union- Local 724 for their efforts in the Labor 2010 campaign.

Lee Saunders, International Secretary-Treasurer and AFSCME Council 4's Sal Luciano who is also an International Vice President honored Local 724 with a certificate "In recognition of their tireless work and commitment during the 2010 State of Connecticut general elections". To this day labor leaders throughout the state continue to praise our Malloy/Wyman Pre-Debate Rally as a new benchmark of what local labor can achieve when committed to a goal.

Chuck Flynn was honored to accept the award on behalf of our entire membership which will hang proudly in the 724 "Hall of Justice". I want to personally thank everyone that participated in some way no matter how big or small. Our election success was due to the collective efforts of our TEAM-Together Everyone Accomplishes More.


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Why Political Action

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