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Local 724 Political News
Keep it right here for you latest Team 724 news and events.
Political Director Chuck Flynn will posting vital info to the campaign
and Team 724's next move..



In the words of Oscar Wilde, "all at once, summer collapsed into fall”, as summer 2018 abruptly ends. Many of us escaped from NLPD -a place that notoriously produces stress- to relax, drink triple, see double and act single enjoying vacation moments and recharging the energy while dreaming of never ending summers.
We extend our thanks and appreciation to our friends at Cross Sound Ferry for providing our members with pairs of Block Island Express tickets. Our men and women put them to good use boosting the local economy at several "BI" landmarks including: Ballard's, McGovern's, Captain Nicks and Trader Vic's. Thanks CSF.

National Night Out at Ocean Beach was a huge success with over 1,500 kids in attendance. Max Bertsch once again put on a great show. Josh Malaro was the rock star of the evening using his expert skills making balloon animals that awed the kids with an endless line the entire night. Many of our members gave up their personal time to attend and help. Local 724 also donated brand new bikes to four lucky kids who had winning tickets.

New London is a regional hub for most social services and a magnet for people with problems- many of whom are homeless, transients or new to the city in search of shelter having been just released from prison or discharged from area substance abuse programs. These social ills demand huge amounts of city public safety services. Since January 1st of this year police and fire services have responded to over 60 drug overdoses, 400 psychological crisis intervention calls and 210 intoxicated person calls and the year is slightly half over. Each of these calls tie up both manpower and equipment straining our grossly underfunded city services. This illustrates another reason why regional and high demand city based non profits should contribute funding to New London to offset some of the skyrocketing emergency services costs placed upon us.

Speaking of police manpower issues since January we have had to fill over 900 vacant patrol shifts or almost 7,400 man hours. This number does not include unique all hands staffing demands for Sailfest, POTUS/VPOTUS Coast Guard graduation, daily roadway construction projects, summer Ocean Beach assignments or DUI/Traffic enforcement grant assignments. Just because we are short staffed doesn't mean we get less calls for services it just means more work for fewer officers

Law enforcement data from nationwide surveys indicate that officers frequently suffer from high levels of fatigue due to lack of sleep, unusual shift schedules, and long hours awake. Research confirms that fatigue impairs a person’s mental functioning, especially in areas such as decision making, reaction time, and memory. Commuting, family obligations, shift work, overtime and extra jobs are all significant contributors to police fatigue. Officers who have been awake for 18 hours are in a state equivalent to a .05 blood alcohol content, and on three hours of sleep, they are equal to being impaired by alcohol. The study concluded Law enforcement as a whole is in denial in reference to officer fatigue problems.

Many in the community including elected officials have absolutely no idea how busy we are or the number of demands placed upon our agency on a daily basis. With an already unsustainable operating budget, city councilors who prefaced their budget cuts by how much they support public safety then slashed an additional $280,000 plus refused to purchase any new police cars for our rag tag fleet of broken down and high mileage vehicles. These cuts leave us scratching our heads wondering how are we supposed to continue operating with no money.
A former commanding officer once said, "We need a body in the street before the public will take notice to our problem". Maybe that statement is true but this forum has provided a monthly insight to our challenges for the last several years and nobody can say they didn't know, they just chose not to care unless and until the lack of police services personally effects them.
What is for certain, if even one dollar is cut from the BOE budget irate parents will fill city hall screaming that any the budget cuts not only be rescinded but more money be added because after all "it's for the children". So while the police department struggles and endless DPW cuts have left the city filthy councilors prepare to throw $150 million more to the BOE for new schools thinking more money will somehow solve miserable school mastery test scores and chronic truancy problems.

Connecticut's mid August primary results gave the nod to Madison Republican Bob Stefanowski and Greenwich Democrat Ned Lamont in the race for our next governor.
Bob Stefanowski a political neophyte is a the former UBS Investment Bank chief financial officer whose disinterest in politics was measured in his failure to vote for 16 years, not bothering to choose in 2016 between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, had to overcome skepticism over his income-tax promise, spotty voting records and an unexplained nine-month dalliance as a Democrat that ended only a year ago.
Stefanowski's promises are short on detail include ripping costs from state government, make its income tax disappear over eight years and putting Connecticut’s families first, not the special interests in Hartford. Some of his plans include: Review every department and agency for waste, fraud and abuse. Reward whistleblower protection, employees with cost savings ideas. Contract out public services to the private sector starting with DMV. Consider more public-private partnerships to share costs of aging infrastructure and reduce SEBAC lower staff via attrition, defined contribution plan for non vested employees, "revisit" overall contract extension.
Ned Lamont the perennial candidate had more money and huge get-out-the-vote support this year from major labor unions including AFSCME Council 4, AFL-CIO, SEIU District 1199 New England and the American Federation of Teachers.

Lamont has called for tightening existing gun laws, a $15-an-hour minimum wage, more funding for local education, electronic tolls for heavy trucks, supports the special transportation fund lockbox amendment to invest in infrastructure improvements, paid family and medical leave, and provide the first two years of any public college or university tuition-free to in-state students who commit to living and working in Connecticut for a period of time after they graduate.

To his credit he often speaks about being an outsider and about how the "political class" has failed taxpayers and state employees. Lamont if elected has stated this will not be Dan Malloy's third term, he is right because Ned Lamont makes Dan Malloy look like a moderate.
Lamont in his primary victory speech claimed we're going in the wrong direction with what's going on in Washington, D.C., right now. We're going to start going in the right direction here in Connecticut vowing to keep Connecticut blue and to "save Connecticut" from the policies of President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans. Connecticut voters already fed up with a broken state economy and Washington politics want to hear Lamont name call, attack Republicans in general and resist Trump in particular as his platform to fix the state. People just want to hear what real solutions are being offered to fix our very real problems here in Connecticut.
SEBAC gave concessions in 2009, 2011 and 2017 the most recent resulted in a two year $1.5 billion state savings. "We’ve stepped up and stepped up and stepped up,” said Jody Barr, executive director of Council 4 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. “Someone else step up.” With the concession deal was a no lay-off clause through 2022 and employee benefits extended thru 2027. Nether Lamont or Stefanowski has any leverage to force SEBAC back to the table.

Many union workers have been traditional Democratic voters who are most interested in bread and butter issues of better jobs, stronger economy and lower taxes have grown tired of countless social justice warrior causes have begun to leave the party or as they say the Democratic party left them and will vote Republican. Voters want change in Hartford this year and that is exactly what each of these candidates bring. Questions are, what kind of change do they want and what will they get?
Most recent Quinnipiac poll has Lamont with an almost insurmountable 13 point lead over Stefanowski. With this state so heavily Democratic the only way Ned Lamont looses is if he is caught with a young boy or dead woman.
Organized Labor takes to the streets of New London on Wednesday September 12th at 5 pm outside the Garde Arts Center prior to the televised gubernatorial debate between Lamont and Stefanowski. Union members from across the state fighting for the middle class will show their support for Ned Lamont. This rally which promises to be bigger, bolder and more exciting this year has become synonymous with statewide elections. Everyone is invited to come out and see democracy in action.

Another note of progressive hypocrisy this month involves outgoing Governor Dan Malloy when in 2015 he enacted a series of criminal catch and release initiatives disguised as criminal justice reforms explaining then, "Today, criminal justice too often means life-long punishment and a permanent stigma… Make no mistake, a crime’s a crime, and offenders should be held accountable, and there should be punishment…But that punishment can effectively last a lifetime". Malloy's intention must have been redemption only giving street criminals a second chance to offend again because his words could not ring any more hollow having none of his second chance society compassion and redemption for white collar criminals like fellow Democrat and Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim whom he loathes for even the thought of daring to replace him as governor.

Back in Washington our talking mannequin Senator Dick Blumenthal always in search of the next TV camera armed with a bunch meaningless syllables put together in ways that happen to make words while in search of a thought, has enthusiastically announced he FOI'd a mountain of documents trying to find a gotcha issue to derail Republican Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing to the Supreme Court.
Kavanaugh's impeccable credentials and unsurpassed qualifications while sitting on the powerful US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit scares Blumenthal and other Democrats who prefer a liberal activist judge to decide cases on personal opinion, rather than on existing law.
In between Blumenthal's important ribbon cutting ceremonies, interloper of anyone else's news conference, self appointed national consumer advocate, member of the Team RESIST Trump movement, and proposing absolutely meaningless legislation for everything deemed wrong in the world uses his remaining time as a useful idiot shilling the National Democratic Party's daily talking points making him Connecticut's favorite dick.

As mid-term election season shifts into overdrive the Democratic party had been completely hijacked by the far left progressives its socialist darlings like Senators Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Kamala Harris of California, Corey Booker of New Jersey and New York Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Ortez who's agenda of free everything for everybody rings louder every day. But nothing is really free and they routinely fail to mention how to pay for it.
According to a recent study by the non partisan Congressional Budget Office found their ambitious socialist platform of Medicare-for-all, free college for all and government guaranteed jobs program would increase government spending by $42.5 trillion over the next decade before rising to over $218 trillion over the next 30 years. In order to pay for this Washington would have to implement a 37% increase on the current 15.3 percent payroll tax, an 87 % national sales tax on all goods and services and 100 percent corporate tax. Just imagine buying a $35,000 car and then having to pay another $30,000 in national sales tax.
That's what would be required just to cover this new socialist spending and not even address the current $12 trillion deficit. Paying down the current federal deficit would require an additional 15% increase on all existing income taxes. None of these new taxes would includes state and local taxes for our own budget mess right here in Connecticut or New London.
In the words of former British Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” Maybe, just maybe if people were hungry for the facts instead of hypnotized by the socialist promises of "free" they would realize socialism doesn't work with an unblemished history of failure around the world.







This update was prepared on the back of coconut shells under a pirate flag with drinks in the blender while enjoying changes in latitude and attitude with nowhere to go, nowhere to be, on island time enjoying a much deserved no shirt, no shoes, flip flop summer vacation. Thanks to my castaway friend Wilson who forwarded this dispatch to our web master for a timely post.

Good news from City hall recently with the swearing in of former New Haven Officer Stephen Perry and former Hartford officer Juan Cruz as the newest members of NLPD. Additionally Ryan Griffin was promoted to detective returning the detective division to its six-person capacity and bringing the force to 70 officers.
A full complement of detectives now allows us to temporarily assign younger officers as Investigators to the bureau expanding officer training and an Investigative Services manpower multiplier. All are welcomed new developments.

More good news is anticipated with continued hiring and promotions expected within the next 6-12 months from pending retirements. Thank you to Mike Passero, Steve Fields and Pete Richard for working with Union leadership to move forward with these new hires.
Mike also made a personal stop during Sailfest Saturday roll call to personally thank every officer present for their continued hard work and spoke of his intentions to improve upon personal relations and working conditions with our officers. Our desire is to synergize this good will with continued meetings with Mike and Steve for problem solving and solution implementing throughout 2018-and 19 for continuing improvements at the police department.

Special thanks to Sgt. Max Bertsch, NLPD's own pied piper when it comes to school children. Max recently hosted a very successful middle school fishing trip and is once again organizing NLPD's annual National Night Out at Ocean Beach on August 7th.
National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes police-community partnerships to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live. National Night Out enhances the relationship between school children and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community under positive circumstances. There is a lot of planning and logistics that goes into making this event a success, all of which he does on his own time.
Well done Max and our many officers who volunteer their night off to help ensure a great time is had by the kids. Well done everybody!

With recent news of recent closing and potential selling of the Crystal Ave high rises for future business development, $15 million in new money to renovate State Pier, and serious talks of off shore power generation based out of New London has sparked renewed interest in potential development ideas which could result in a major turn of events in New London's future.
While we can be guilty at times of a twisted sense of humor and never at a loss to make fun of ourselves at our own expense, Local 724's men and women as a group are the hardest working police officers in Southeastern Connecticut-period!.
Despite our numerous daily challenges to working conditions they continue to rise to the occasion dealing with the sheer number and severity of police calls for services every day. All are commended and thanked for their hard work and dedication of honoring the oath to protect and serve.

Connecticut residents are registering to vote at an unprecedented rate in a non-presidential election cycle, indicating increased interest in politics since President Donald Trump won the White House, analysts say. According to data from the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office, from the 2016 election through June of this year, 81,908 new voters registered as Democrats, compared to 43,390 who registered as Republicans. Including those who signed up as unaffiliated and for other, smaller parties, a total of 275,114 people have signed up to vote in Connecticut since the 2016 presidential election. Some attribute the spike in Democrat registration to anti the Trump movement while others suggest the Republican increase is related to the anti Malloy governor's race.

Two Democrats and five Republican candidates are seeking their nominations for governor of Connecticut in the August 14 primary. Many state voters seem disinterested and turned off to local politics in general and especially with the choices offered for governor this year.

Democrats have two candidates running for governor. Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont has emphasized economic policy in his campaign with job-creation, education, and infrastructure policy proposals. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim refers to his arrest and incarceration on federal extortion, bribery, and racketeering charges following his fifth mayoral term and his subsequent election to a sixth term as an inspiration for his run. Ganim's platform emphasizes development of the state's cities and education, arguing that "we can’t tax or cut our way out of the state’s fiscal mess. We need to create jobs and get our economy going. "
While Joe Ganim is an impressive gritty get things done kind of city politician with street cred and seemingly well liked by voters in Bridgeport despite serving seven years in prison for sixteen convictions on public corruption charges. Joe Ganim may be reformed. “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” he said at a recent debate. But conventional wisdom suggests Connecticut voters are not ready to elect a convicted felon to the state's highest office.

Ned Lamont is farther to the left than Dan Malloy on most public policy issues that should appease even the fringe leftists of the party. However there is one issue that gives Lamont the edge with public employees - his pledge to honor union contracts, collective bargaining and binding arbitration decisions.
Republican politicians include Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton who is running on a promise of a new direction for the state calling for increased investment in education and an emphasis on economic growth and a plan to phase out the state income tax. While Trumbull First Selectman Tim Herbst's platform includes the repeal of the state's income tax for those making $75,000 or less annually, support for the state's defense industry, and public safety initiatives.
Rounding out the field are three businessmen with no political experience. Westport businessman Steve Obsitnik emphasizes his status as a political outsider and a veteran of the U.S. Navy, promising "bold ideas, an entrepreneurial mentality and true leadership promises to add 300,000 jobs in eight years and a nearly $100 billion infrastructure spending plan which would store funds in a lockbox as well as increased funding for opioid recovery. Madison businessman Bob Stefanowski, a retired GE executive also touts his outsider status and business experience with an economic zero-based budgeting recovery plan as well as privatization of the Department of Motor Vehicles. David Stemerman ran a $1.6 billion hedge fund manager for Conatus Capital Management LP, his platform points to policies which he argues other states have adopted successfully in the past suggesting tax and regulatory structure changes, priority-based budgeting, calls for changes to the state's pension structure and increased investment in infrastructure.
Like most elections it comes down to personal bread and butter issues for most voters. Public employees are a large middle class voting bloc who can turn out the vote so the candidate who supports our working families will be the probable victor.
All the Republican playbooks include immediately renegotiate or legislate changes to the state (SEBAC) labor contracts which are in place until 2027 to force employees and retirees to accept smaller pensions with higher contributions which is the latest sign of the Connecticut Republican Party’s engaging public-sector unions in open warfare.
Republicans are committed to cutting pensions, wages, benefits and working conditions and eliminate them from future collective bargaining of our middle class working families. These employees had nothing to do with both Democrat and Republican politicians intentional failure to properly fund pensions for the last 40 years. Any cuts to state employees would immediately have an equal or greater impact on municipal workers also. That issue alone makes it extremely difficult for any public employee union to support Republicans, for if they do so it remains at their own peril.












Why Political Action

THE DECISIONS that a legislative body makes, whether it is a school board, city council, county board, state legislature, or the U.S. Congress, affect AFSCME members and their families in dramatic ways.

Elected officials vote on budgets that affect employee wages, benefits, working conditions and pensions. They vote on issues of particular concern to AFSCME members, like privatization, and they vote on broader issues of concern to all working families, such as health care reform and workers' compensation. That's why working people need to have allies among elected officials. And that's why working people need to work to elect these allies.

The Local 724 executive board has the collective responsibility to provide vision and direction for the local. It is up to the leadership team to look ahead, set goals and develop a plan to make strategic planning a critical element to having a strong union which can only come about when membership is informed, educated and active.

Unions can never hope to match the hundreds of millions of dollars big business pours into every election. But working people have superior numbers, so they can get out in the streets and work for candidates. And if members pool their cash, unions can help make sure that their endorsed candidates have enough funds to compete against business-backed opponents in the ever-more important media ad wars.

Through the political process we can be involved in setting important public policy. Through the political process public employees can elect representatives who are sensitive to maintaining vital public services and committed to dealing with workers fairly.

Local 724 accomplishes this through political action in conjunction with the exercise of collective bargaining process, growth and community involvement to produce a just and rewarding workplace.


Local 724 gets recognized on the national level!

On January 28, 2011 at the Council 4 Campaign for the Middle Class Seminar in Meriden The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), AFL-CIO thanked the New London Police Union- Local 724 for their efforts in the Labor 2010 campaign.

Lee Saunders, International Secretary-Treasurer and AFSCME Council 4's Sal Luciano who is also an International Vice President honored Local 724 with a certificate "In recognition of their tireless work and commitment during the 2010 State of Connecticut general elections". To this day labor leaders throughout the state continue to praise our Malloy/Wyman Pre-Debate Rally as a new benchmark of what local labor can achieve when committed to a goal.

Chuck Flynn was honored to accept the award on behalf of our entire membership which will hang proudly in the 724 "Hall of Justice". I want to personally thank everyone that participated in some way no matter how big or small. Our election success was due to the collective efforts of our TEAM-Together Everyone Accomplishes More.


724 helps East Lyme fight the cause

Why Political Action

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