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Simunitions training

Matt and Ike

Jr Morales and Niko


George Peabody

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LT Gordy Dickens

Joey O



TK and Loretta
Tk and Loretta Brown

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From the Velez files

Chief Sloan

Ron Martel
Ron Martel

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Denny Sheehan
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2nd Page NLPU Scrapbook
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Sgt Strecker, Sgt Barney, MPO Baker

MPO Cavanuah, Capt Crowley

Det' Ackley, P Fazzino

Lt Potts

Ohara, Bruno

Smith, Ohara, Bruno, Strecker


DC Segar

R Baker, M Segar

Mark White, R Baker

State St - 1950s



Royal Bitgood - 1950s

1985 - Bill Pero, Mike Hedge, Gary SLoan, R Cavanaugh, Jeff Kalolo

Photo by Victor Johnson
Rick Grohocki, Rick Valente, Eric Jensen, Gilfoil, E Bernice
Photo by Victor Johnson

Photo by Victor Johnson
Dan Murphy, George Peabody sr , Jim Jauquet.
Paul Sawicki, Dave Giggliotti, Bob Perry,


Union President W Morency 2001

Dep Rhinehart, Chief Donald Sloan, Sgt B Lacey,
Sgt K Edwards, Sgt O Krogurd

Lt Dickens squad
Lt Dickens Squad - 1990

capt edwards post fireworks sailfest 06
Sailfest 2006 - Capt K Edwards
Lm Keating
LM Keating drives the supervisor SUV, M Galante, R Cable 2004

Kevin Barney
Kevin Barney 1990

Dispatch Robim
Capt Dittman and Robin 2005

Kiva and chad
Chad Stringer and Kiva 2004

State Rep Ernie Hewet

Lt Dickens and Lt Lynch now at Cross Sound Ferry

VP Dave Hebert, State Comptroler Nancy Wyman, President Walt Morency

More old time photos in scrapbook
Rick Grohocki, Cpl Alloway, Tim Hesney

Simunitions training

Simunitions training

Butch Delacruz
Butch Delacruz

Butch Delacruz
Axel Bergeson - Butch Delacruz

R Baker, B Edwards, C Segar, R Picket - Irish fest 2006

Sgt Weymouth - 2006

use the force
Sgt Comics 2005 - These Aren't the droids your looking for.


Counicl 15 Convention 2006

Hollywood comes to NL - The Bronx Production
Mike Cav' tickets the David Berkowiz vehicle

First boards in the New Ocean Beach Boardwalk by local 724 - 2005

Young Rob Picket

Genero Velez 1985- Undercover prostitution sting

first K-9 Team


Anti Drug Team - Velez, Kalolo

vis unit
Mike Lacey & Les Smith - VIS unit


Sgt Joe Weymouth
Sgt Joe Weymouth


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Send your photos to rbaker07@snet.net