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All our counselors are experienced professional with a wide range of speciliazations. Each counselor is selected based on his or her sensitivity and understanding in dealing with personal problems.

Behavioral Health Consultants, Inc.

Toll Free: 800-864-2742
OR 203-407-1029



We are a confidential counseling service dedicated solely to providing employee assistance programs to public safety responders and their families. You are given the opportunity to resolve problems in an environment of strict privacy. The program is designed to assist in the identification and resolution of personal and behavioral issues that may adversely affect on the job performance.




Public safety EAP is available 24 hours a day You can speak to an experienced case manager by calling our toll free phone number at any time. You are not obligated to take any further action if you call.

Together you and your case manager will decide if you might benefit from meeting privately with a professional counslor to further explore your problem and develop solutions. Public Safety EAP offices are conviently located thoughout the state.

The success of any employee assistance program is based on the level of trust you place in that program. Your employer receives no information which could identify your involvement with public safety EAP unless you authorize such disclosure in advance. Except for very specific situations invloving the risk of physical harm, your contact with Public Safety EAP is not disclosed to anyone.

We currently serve thousands of sworn police officers, firefighters, state troopers, correction officers, civilian staff and their families. You may contact Public Safety EAP 24 hours a day. You will speak to a trained professional who can help you begin the process of finding a solution to your problem.




There is NO cost or obligation for service rendered by Public Safety EAP. Your employer has underwritten this program as a benefit to you and your family When a referral outside the employee assistance program is necessary, we do everything possible to manimize the cost for you.




Marriage and Family Concerns
Over 50% of all case handled by Public Safety EAP fall under this category. Marriage and family counseling offers an opportunity to explore areas of conflict and create solutions that will benefit the family.

In a demanding world of stress, it comes as no surprise that depression, anxiety, mood swings, anger and other abnormal behaviors take their toll on employees at every level of an organization. When you cannot satisfactorily deal with tensions, you should call Public Safety EAP.

Addiction to alcohol affects at least 10% of the work force. It is an equal opportunity disease, knowing no racial, economic or social boundaries. It is fatal disease destroying families and careers in the process. It is called the disease of denial because the person seldom admits his or her dependence voluntarily. Public Safety EAP can be a resource for breaking the addiction.

Drug Abuse
People can abuse drugs whether they are legally or illegally obtained. When a consistent pattern of abuse is present, the chances are extremely high that the individual will need professional help break the dependence that has developed.

Legal and Financial Matters
Public Safety EAP neither dispenses legal advice nor lends money. What we try to do is offer suggestions, make referrals and explore the emotional issues behind the specific legal of financial matter. Often other personal problems surface first as legal or financial issues.