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Chief Fandell, Sgt Brown,Sgt Rhinehart, Dep Chief Paskewich
Thanks Frank Hamilton (retired)

Richard West , Sgt Brown, Gordy Dickens

Dave Berry

Ken Edwards, Peg Ackely

Phil Fazzino, Cameron Lewis

Chip Segar, R DiNoto, R Picket, W Brown, E Greenwood

Dave "Giggy" Gigolotti

George Potts

Graham Mugovero supporting the then NEW ball caps

Mike Strecker

Old Police HQ

Chip Segar

Mike Cavanaugh

Simunitions training., Bill Lacey

Victor Johnson, Gordy Dickens

G Velez, Butch Delacruz

Rob Picket, K Barney

W Brown - 111 Union St Police HQ

Bill Dittman, Glenn Davis, Mike Gilfoil, Clay Sizer


Sgt Willie Brown handcuffed to the flag pole!
Eric Deltgen, J Kalolo, E Hedge, Rusty Cavanaugh, Trish Jones, Roger Baker, G Moreau