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NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

Whitey gets new SUVs stocked up!



PWs ordered to paint waterfront sub-station
so new pier restaurant can use it for office space!

Did we just get evicted from a city building for a private restaurant!?
Mayor has no knowledge of painting order.


Lori Robinson is kind enough to offer everyone a Thanksgiving day lunch at the PD on November 17th during the lunchtime hours.

Last years food was absolutely delicious and all department members are invited to attend. Turkey, stuffing, collard greens, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, gravy, rolls, water and soda will be provided.
Donation for the lunch is $15.00 and is needed no later than November 10th.
Thanks Lori!!



300 shooters!


No Shave to last thru Jan 2021!

Lets top last years Cancer donation!

New crusiers are in!

Hey Whitey..
when can I upgrade to my new car...?

Your time has come! Make it happen!

Police Detective:
-Written: November 12, 2020 10:00 and 12:00 hours
-Oral: December 8 & 9, 2020 times TBD
Police Sergeant:
-Written: November 10, 2020 10:00 and 12:00 hours
-Oral: November 17 & 18, 2020 times TBD
Police Lieutenant:
-Written: October 29, 2020 10:30 hours
-Oral: November 5, 2020 times TBD
Police Captain:
-Oral only: October 27, 2020 times TBD


Police Union Endorses Republican Challenger
for House Seat

Members motivated by new state law

(NEW LONDON) The New London Police Union announced it has endorsed Republican challenger Kat Goulart for State Representative of the 39th District. The nine member executive board voted unanimously for her endorsement after the passing of the police accountability law in July which they believe as it stands is dangerous and puts our community at risk.

"The time is right to have a candidate with a heart for labor and a demonstrated history of standing up for police officers said Todd Lynch president of Local 724."We look forward to working with her in the next legislative session on issues important to our police officers and supporting all our fellow public safety first responders during this unprecedented health crisis and especially difficult times for our police" added Lynch.

"We believe Kat Goulart is a strong candidate who understands the importance of public safety and the right choice to represent hard working New London families in the General Assembly, Chuck Flynn vice president and political director said in a press release. " Police across the state say the law endangers the public and demoralizes cops. The legislature needs new leaders like Kat Goulart who understand the important role our officers play in protecting public safety and fix the problems with the bill as passed" he added.

New London Police Union
endorses Paul Formicia

State Senate 20th Dist

New London Police Union
endorses Heather Somers

State Senate

New London Police Union
endorses Joe DelaCruz



Support Somers - NOT these Councilors
who have turned their backs on police!


FD wins softball game.



Barricaded armed suspect peacefully resolved.

NL must call for help from CSP because their own armored
vehicle was voted down by City Council!

Will council conduct a poll or investigation to determine how many
residents were traumatized or offended by vehicles presence..?


Council votes to send FREE rescue vehicle to the scrap yard!

Councilor Booker and Satti dissent.

So much for Officer or the publics safety during a tragic event!


Missing in the Police Accountability Act: A ‘Trace’ of Common Sense
Read Frank Ricci op-ed - CT News Junkie



PCRC Cries “Bullying” to Silence Police Union

At the September 1, 2020 PCRC meting members claimed the Union web page is bullying their community members because cops oppose their ideas.
They are also upset with PD digital message board for posting #TELLMYFAMILYILOVETHEM, the last words of a dying police officer after being shot but don’t post issues on the board important to them.

Let’s expedite our response. This Police Union is a private entity not subject to any oversight by any city official. Any attacks against our members safety or working conditions will be addressed.

· When a PCRC member may have facilitated criminal graffiti damage to public statues, police cars or city buildings you will get our attention
· When PCRC members demand defund/abolish the police we will push back
· When PCRC members insist there is police malfeasance exists without any proof we will challengeyou
· When PCRC members insist our police officers be disarmed preventing our members from defending themselves or the public they are sworn to protect we will not remain silent

Union leadership will continue to fight for our members all day every day.


Good luck Gus!

Thank you Filomenas!


Public Safety Chair Kevin Booker and Pres' Lynch have 2 hour meeting.

Positive meeting opens up communication
between Council and Union.


Report room computers crash...

While I.T. is on scene sorting it out,
Tech is pulled because Councilor Domiguez's computer wasn't working!


The men and women of 724 performed a
stellar job under tough circumstances over the past weekend.

Patrol and Detective Divisions worked tirelessly on numerous cases.
Thank you Waterford PD and CSP for your assistance.

We share a quote from William Dennis in The Day comment section:

Just about every politician has turned their backs on our police officers.
The crime is sky rocking EVERYWHERE.

Our politicians have chosen to back the criminals rather than the good decent people of our society.
As I see it; Our Police Officers are Heroes while Our Politicians are Cowards.
The politicians are only concerned about themselves and not us. They will follow the crowd and vote NOT for what might be BEST FOR US, but what might be BEST FOR THEM.

Back the Blue rally - State Capital



The messgae from the President to the troops was clear:

"Ice cream on Sunday does not make up for missing
a protest on Saturday. Your not coaching
a little league team"


Thank you Mark Christianson!

Mark buys Recovery Room lunch for the PD!


Thank You Murray Renshaw for lunch!


NLPD Ret' Sgt Eric Deltgen and is son Adam who recently
graduated front the Dallas police academy.

Eric says' "Yes my old uniform still fits!"



Police administration and city hall caved into public pressure by picking which laws they want to enforce.

Our members believe this embarrassing decision of caving into mob demands is nothing less than a dereliction of duty to our oath of and only encourages more crime knowing there are no consequences.

This cowardly unilateral decision undermines all the hard work of every New London Police officer while undercutting citizen public safety.

President disgusted with "Agency's" decision.





Thank you Public Works!

City blows chance to reorganize Dept!

Fails to meet deadline to negotiate

- Chief presents idea of Dept Re-org
- Union drafts Re-org document
- Chief and Union agree to document

City Hall & City Attorney drag their
feet for weeks.

President has had enough.

Re-org Dead issue
Grievance filed to promote 3rd Capt









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NL credit uion


FLynch is calling it MUST LISTEN RADIO!

lee elci show 6-9am
94.9 Weds' 0630 hrs!
Lee and Lynch!

DON"T miss this weeks show!



Your off training...Good

Conrad whacked his
1st shift eligible!



Dispatchers dropping
like flys!

Order ins for all!





Body cams in full use.

And so are the headaches its causing


Oct ' update
Political update



New London council chooses political correctness over protecting lives



Old Friend Tim "Opie" O'Neill pulls the pug!

set to retire.




724 salute the senators and House Reps who supported police!

Del a cruz
You got our vote this November!


Resident from Pequot Ave stopped by to drop off some treats and to say “Thank You. We Support You and to be Safe.”


DEEP has found good use of an old City NL Barricade!

Bluff Point outhouse!

Thank you Grillo family!

Recovery Room Pizza!


Union donates to
Whalers helping Whalers

A group of local Chefs that are raising money to help feed families in need in New London CT.


Council 4 donate masks!


READ Lee Sanders

Despite more than a decade of underfunding public health and safety, those workers have stepped up to meet the crisis. Government must help them with emergency and long-term support.


Thanks Seri Montalvo!



Missy promoted to Detective!


Congrates Anthony Nolan
& Dee Nott!

20 years Master Patrolman!


Presidential flipper

Thank you Kyle from
Scotts meat for
the donation of food!


Cathrine Keating enjoys her left over desert from On the Waterfront Rest'.

Still on sale!
Contact Sgt LM Keating or

The way back machine

Shawn Polonet 1990s



NLPD photo book
Makes great Holiday gift!

Keating family members co-author “New London Police Department” book.