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lee elci show 6-9am

NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

The NEW Roll Call..



City Union Presidents meet
with City officials.



Smak Dab concert Postpone

NLPD Youth and DARE Officer

Phil Fazzino retires from
States Attorney office Article

Mike Lewis and partner Asher
now certified!

Remember to submit your contract ideas to the negotiating team.

or drop them in the Union box


A couple of Vet's!

Clayton and Dougie!

Chief makes argument to
PCRC to keep MRAP.

Contemplates doing a public event where people can see it, touch it, just so they can see it’s not some nuclear weapon.





Congratulations Kurt!


724 Members donate X-mas tree, gifts cards to family of 4 in need!

Members install tree and holiday lights
Good Job Max!

Members raise an extrordinary amount of money, in only 16 hours for a New London Family in need!

Thank you to all who donated.

45 toys and 25 meals delivered!


Congratulations Detective Crandle




Union donates gift cards to six needy families at the NL Covenant Shelter

Ex' Dir' Phyllis Cappuccio, Treas' R Baker, Operations Co' Brianne DiCio



Congratulation Chief Curcio for fighting for you men and Department!


Union members collect $1,600 during No Shave November.

Chief and Lt Kalolo distribute monies to local Cancer patients.

This year the FD and PD along with Chef Tom from NLHS will be assisting New London citizens in need of Christmas Dinner. This will consist of a ham, potatoes, bread and vegetables.

If anyone knows of anyone needing assistance please email Firefighter Nott or Police Officer Nott with the contact info prior to December 18.



Thank you to all who made The 2019 Pack The Paddy Wagon a success!
69 Birds, $618 cash donations
$10 gift card

Past year pix

Collecting for those in need


Thank you Clarion Inn for the mounds of food!


Lee Saunders President of AFSCME calls and congratulates
President Lynch and VP Flynn on election win!

Congratulations members of 724!

A record 96% voter turn out!


Afternoons send Max off with Pizza!
Starts 11/11 in records Sgt.

After 4 Weeks vacant record
St position finally filled!

Now can we work on filling the 80 cop ordinance... NLPD down to 67 Officers


“If the city finds $1 million, we would hope that money goes towards filling the 80-officer ordinance long before it goes towards body cameras!”



Congratulation Sgt Cassiere Sgt Zelinski
and Detective Lawrie
give em a like



If any member of the department wishes to participate, the shaving regulations will be lifted from 11/1/19 through 11/30/19. We are accepting donations for this worthy cause of $25.00 and your name will go on the authorized no shave list once you have paid.

As a bonus, members may donate $40.00 and have your shaving requirements lifted until January 1, 2020.






NLPD photo history book

Persons interested in a book my contact Keatingcatherine@yahoo.com

In house inquiries see Sgt LM Keating for a copy. Approx $20


AFSCME supports Passero

AFSCME Council 4 Zach Levi and President Lynch


New members to the 2019 Rifle team!



Local 724 mourns the passing of Bessie

At approximately 11:30 Bessie passed away from complications due to lung
cancer that was recently found after she collapsed the other day.

The Nichols family were with her today when she passed.
She had recently turned 13 years of age on September 29th.

Police beat FD in 10 innings !



Firearms 2019 300 shooters!


In 2 years as Public Safety Chair Alma D. Nartatez

NEVER ask NL Police Unions input at a Public Safety meeting!

Mike B and Johny Rocket as PS Chairmen

Always included the Men and Woman of the NLPU!






Good luck Josh Malaro!


Thanks to Chris White, Rick Stringer and Max
for volunteering at NESS Fishing event!



NLPD fought a strong fight in the recent Battle of the Badges. Defeated Groton Town and Waterford. But fell short to Norwich PD in the Final Game after double elimination, defeating them once.

NLPD team looks strong with many young eager players. Looking forward to the next matchup with the NLFD hopefully coming within the next few weeks.
Would like to see other PD and Union members come cheer on this team maybe some celebratory food and drinks after the next game?!?!



New London police union leaders endorse Adam Sprecace for council!

Letter to Editor from President and VP


All four New London Public Unions join with AFSCME Council 4 and Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association and publicly endorse incumbent Mike Passero for a second term as mayor of New London.

More pictures



Detective Paula Doyle of London City Police Dept, United Kingdom

crossed the pond to come for
a visit and toured the station.

NLPD East...?
Island of the misfit toys..?
You pick the caption...


Fishing trip a big success!

Boys keep reeling them in!!



Sgt McBride sent off with retirement lunch!

More pix

A Day shift tradition..

The passing down of the Dinosaur pin

Pix from La Lee retirment party!

Locker sale!

Moke and DA go 4 for 4 on first races at Saratoga!






Valerio to VIS - Zelinski returns to the street!


Block Island shenanigans!






Great job Max and crew!
17 + bikes and scooters awarded!
Hula hoop contest, Bubble gum blowing contest
Free food and ice cream, swimming!

Another successful National Night Out - Pix



Smak Dab NL Rockers!


All in a days work...

Lav' and Rusty help evict a black rat snake
from 504's POV truck while he was driving in NL!

Snake fell from behind dashboard to the floor while 504 was driving!
Lav charms snake out of the center console!
Given a new home.. Thanks Lav' and Rusty!

Next day Dee helps untangle a seagull from wire atop of Garde theater!




Sailfest 2019 in the books

La Lee's last one!

Field photos click here

President Lynch thanks Chief Reichard for standing with his men:
at 1100 searching for an armed suspect..
and at 0200 hrs helping make the only arrest of the night.

Pres' also sends Thanks to Josh, DA and Dee for all their assistance in food prep!


Chief recognizes L&M employee for helping toddler found on New London sidewalk at 4 a.m.

(Photo by Sarah Gordon - The Day)

724 salutes Hannah Schukei

But what about members
of your own Department!?

No Police Officer of the year
chosen in 3 years!



Chief rolls in Pizza truck for Days and Afternoon shifts!




Here we go again!
Chief declares Master Trainer Lynchs'qualifications not good enough!
Out sourced K-9 trianing doesn't work out so well.

Union to file MPP
Learn about the proud NL K-9 history


2019 LE Special Olympic Torch run


724 team - 21st Annual Ocean Beach Park
Benefit Volleyball Tournament to support Make-A-Wish Connecticut.

More Action pixs




The Department gets goodies!

Thank you Girl Scout troops 63104, 63021 & 63046!
And Service Master!




MADD recognize Officers John Michaud and Luke Delgrosso (23 DUI arrests)
33rd annual recognition ceremony



NLPD hits the finish line in Yale/New Haven Healthcare 5K!



Thank you Pres' Lynch for all your dedicated work
with new K-9 program!

Found the new dog, paid for the new dog, drove to PA to get the dog
Set up new dog with new handler, hours of instruction.




With a final donation from the Cactus Jack Foundation
NLPD and FDNL have raised $9,405 for Thomas Williamson!
Donations will pay for everything Tom needs.


Birds eye Steak dinner help support NL resident in need of a service dog
and Vietnam Vet whos been awarded Silver star, Bronze star
and 5 Purple Hearts.




Congratulations Patty , Kristy and Jonesy!

Wish them well on facebook



Retirees firearms 2019


Good Luck Scott!

Go to Facebook and wish him well!



Firearms training 2019


2019 - 300 Shooters so far


Salas and Rood join the union!
Janus who?
Officers Gus Salas and Chris Rood. Both are POST certified officers who come to NLPD from the Connecticut State Police, Willimantic Police Department, respectively, and both most recently served with the Mashantucket Police Department.

Jose Pansini to attend police academy in Meriden.

NLPD completes trade with Mashantucket.

S Jones, a box of flares and a player to be named later...

For 2 certified laterals!



Midnight shift celebrating with Sgt. Bergeson (belated)
and Sgt. Pelchat on their promotion.



Congrats Joe Pelchat!

New London officer, Marine Corps vet promoted to sergeant



Thank You to all the K-9 Donators
over the past year!

Members submit your memo to be the next dog handler.


Chief pledges support
to the "NLPD Officer" in 2019!

You may see this pledge referred to
all year long...






Police Union welcomes 2 new recruits!

Jarvis and Hajj

Mayor publicly recognizes The Union President efforts for actively
pushing to fill vacant police positions and new promotions.

"I will continue to work with Chief Reichard and Mayor Passero
to repair the harm done by the previous Chief and Mayor."



Members take it to the court!
New BB court at 40 Truman St

More pix to like












web page counter

NL credit uion



Political update

Paul Gills
Letter to the mayor
New booking room




Lateral transfer is hired!


Thank you Ozzie
of College Pizza!


Thank you Tom Bonelli of Jackson Hewitt!

Feeding NL Finest in this difficult time.


Welcome back Tiff!

Dispatch gets some much needed help!


For all of the members that signed up for the Council 4 Treasurers training..

Its been cancelled.

Don't worry a Sept training has been scheduled!



The Notts are stepping up!

With school closed, any child who needs breakfast/lunch message Joe Nott on Facebook.
Dee and Joe with do what they can to help.


K-9 training

Seth from Pulaski County Indiana Sheriffs Dept w/ K-9 Loki

NLPD recruits to take classes online

Academy closed




President representing local business's

at Fenway South!


Good luck

Paul "Brass Balls" Gills!

Thomas Williamson gets his service dog -Sequoia!



724 would like to reach out to our retirees.

In a segment we title... "Where are they now!"

Send us a photo and a blurb on what you've been up to and we will share it.
Mail to 724


Cathrine Keating enjoys her left over desert from On the Waterfront Rest'.

Dinner was on 724 in appreciation of her hard work on the NLPD photo book!

Still on sale!
Contact Sgt LM Keating or


Pool side

- All special asignments shall be posted.
- Officers will be allowed one full shift off the street to complete CIRMA training.


VP in charge in
Presidents absence.



The way back machine

Shawn Polonet 1990s


Bunk receives life saving award




Public safety EAP is available 24 hours a day You can speak to an experienced case manager by calling our toll free phone number at any time. You are not obligated to take any further action if you call.

Behavioral Health Consultants, Inc.
Toll Free: 800-864-2742
OR 203-407-1029


Ret' Det' TK Brown Passes
TK and Loretta
As well as Long time City employee and friend Murph'




No Shave extended thru Jan!


Mugs jumps in to action!

Performs CPR on patron at Sullys Mobil until FDNL arrive!




Rich Cable see to it that NLPD remembers Sandy Hook..



Luke pops the question!



NLPD photo book
Makes great Holiday gift!

Keating family members co-author “New London Police Department” book.




Thank you sub vets!

T-Day meals for those working!



Happy B-Day Dee!









Thomas Williamson gets his service dog -Sequoia!

Thanks for all the donations!


Pres and VP thanks Afts shift for their hard work with pizza


Pres' gets straight to work!

Files 2 greviences
- Officers Flexing
Officer(s) taking assignment
when already working

Pres' states we must keep it fair and will "Address the nonsense at Union mtg after Eboard is chosen.


The Dyers welcome
a baby girl!

7 lbs. 6 oz. born 11/01/19 at 1:19 pm


Treasurer R Baker presents Author Catherine Keating W/ gift certificate

to On the Waterfront restaurant for her hard work co-producing NLPD photo history book!




A leaking roof in to the shift commanders Office has gotten the best
of PW's, NE Mechanical, and a 1/2 dozen roofing contractors...

THIS fix.... will "put a period on it."



Building blocks with Mitchell College
Pre- school.


Union buys candy for Downtown Halloween-town event

Oct 25th on the waterfront 6-8 pm!


SC Office doesn't
pass the 1st
nor'easter test!






Old friend Tim O'Neill

May have the golden ticket!
Workers Comp case looks severe enough


Scotty J heads to Mashantucket!

Say What!?

Welcome new 724 Member Joe Pansini


Blue Mass 2019


High Roads School send

cookies in appreciation


Union President arranges SC Office to be moved out of roll call to old unsued Capt's office..

He does it ALL!



FTO Mike "Laser" Lewis

Teaching "The Rook' the ropes!


Oh boy,
Now the 40 Truman St roof leaks!


President keeps his word from Union meeting!

"All members will be
treated equally!"

Has another City Hall meeting to make adjustments. Changes made to the top of the K-9 unit!


Welcome new Officers Mike Jarvis and Joe Hajj !

BTW... Your ordered in for Sailfest!

724 is every where!



NLPU's new hero,Custodian Tommy Ferrino!

Lunch room looks
brand new!


President brings home some trophies from spring training!

JD Martinez and Big Pappi autographed bats!


T Lynch and Jasper help close cold case in Wisconsin!

10 years later. Sturgeon Bay Police WI
get conviction


Get a job!

Dispatcher vacancies
Apply here


Red Sox security officer
and Luis Tiant...

Rich Cable and NL Police Union remember the victims of Sandy Hook.

Thank you Fisher Florist.
Riverside Park playscape



Parking lot
Cements dry.....








President on the field

Yanks v Red Sox
Game of the week!

Weekend Overtime
/ Order-in update.

16 vacant shifts Aug 19
18 vacant shifts Aug 12
20 vacant shifts Aug 5
20 vacant shifts July 29
20 vacant shifts July 22
84 shifts over Sailfest wknd
20 vacant shifts June 23rd
14 vacant shifts June 16th
23 vacant shifts June 9th
15 vacant shifts June 2nd
18 vacant shifts May 27th
21 vacant shifts May 20th
23 vacant shifts May 12th




Apply by 8/10



Congrates Trish!

Trish Lieteau to be promoted to Sgt - Groton City July 2


Katherine Keating goes high to capture Department photo

for her new NLPD in
pictures book

Six union members attend Trooper Miller’s funeral.

Lt Pickett, Lt Galante, Sgt Laurie, Officer Bunkley,
MPO Suarez and Officer Cable