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lee elci show 6-9am

NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
discount rates click
Thompson & Peck

FD understands attrition..

Swearing-In Set For 2 New Firefighters

Mayor gives the green light for new police hires


Coming this October!

Block Island shenanigans!


Attorney General Bill Barr on Monday denounced the “prancing punks” who doused NYPD cops with water.

Condolences to the Parker family

William (Bill) Parker passed away Aug. 8, 2019.



Great job Max and crew!
17 + bikes and scooters awarded!
Hula hoop contest, Bubble gum blowing contest
Free food and ice cream, swimming!

Another successful National Night Out - Pix





Smak Dab NL Rockers!


All in a days work...

Lav' and Rusty help evict a black rat snake
from 504's POV truck while he was driving in NL!

Snake fell from behind dashboard to the floor while 504 was driving!
Lav charms snake out of the center console!
Given a new home.. Thanks Lav' and Rusty!

Next day Dee helps untangle a seagull from wire atop of Garde theater!


Rookies and 621 assist ICE in foot chase from GA10!

Just doing our job..

From 6/19/18
Council approves scaled-back sanctuary city resolution.

The amended resolution, presented to the Council on Monday, does retain some language meant to provide an environment that would allow undocumented immigrants to feel comfortable going to police to report crimes.
Public Safety Chair Alma Nartatez - voted in favor of the resolution





Sailfest 2019 in the books

La Lee's last one!

Field photos click here

President Lynch thanks Chief Reichard for standing with his men:
at 1100 searching for an armed suspect..
and at 0200 hrs helping make the only arrest of the night.

Pres' also sends Thanks to Josh, DA and Dee for all their assistance in food prep!


Chief recognizes L&M employee for helping toddler found on New London sidewalk at 4 a.m.

(Photo by Sarah Gordon - The Day)

724 salutes Hannah Schukei

But what about members
of your own Department!?

No Police Officer of the year
chosen in 3 years!



Construction to fix Shift Commanders office and locker room leaks BEGINS!

Back door to be inaccessible during work.


Chief rolls in Pizza truck for Days and Afternoon shifts!




Here we go again!
Chief declares Master Trainer Lynchs'qualifications not good enough!
Out sourced K-9 trianing doesn't work out so well.

Union to file MPP
Learn about the proud NL K-9 history



Union outfits the grill with new accessories!

New grill plates, full propane - Happy grilling!

2019 LE Special Olympic Torch run


724 team - 21st Annual Ocean Beach Park
Benefit Volleyball Tournament to support Make-A-Wish Connecticut.

More Action pixs


Good job DONE!
Thomas Williamson gets his service dog!

Vietnam Vet whos been awarded Silver star, Bronze star
and 5 Purple Hearts.
Special thanks to LM Keating and Joe Nott




The Department gets goodies!

Thank you Girl Scout troops 63104, 63021 & 63046!
And Service Master!




NLPU supports Mayor Passeros budget!

While City trying to finalize next year's budget that includes funding to two more police officers, the dysfunctional BOE and it's insatiable appetite for more money is now demanding an additional $1 million.

If BOE gets their wish the City will be forced to raise taxes or cut municipal agency budgets. The current mess at BOE is arguably the tip of the iceberg. Insist they first get their house in order before rewarding them with more tax payer money to waste on show up job positions like the now infamous "climate specialist".

Tell City Councilors Just Say No to new BOE funding.



MADD recognize Officers John Michaud and Luke Delgrosso (23 DUI arrests)
33rd annual recognition ceremony



President meets with local PD's concerning regionalizing.



NLPD hits the finish line in Yale/New Haven Healthcare 5K!



Thank you Pres' Lynch for all your dedicated work
with new K-9 program!

Found the new dog, paid for the new dog, drove to PA to get the dog
Set up new dog with new handler, hours of instruction.




With a final donation from the Cactus Jack Foundation
NLPD and FDNL have raised $9,405 for Thomas Williamson!
Donations will pay for everything Tom needs.


Birds eye Steak dinner help support NL resident in need of a service dog
and Vietnam Vet whos been awarded Silver star, Bronze star
and 5 Purple Hearts.




Congratulations Patty , Kristy and Jonesy!

Wish them well on facebook



Another colossal screw up!
Union informs Risk Manager that cell block remodel is unsatifactory!
152 ecstatic that at least a few cells are operating!

Public works Director B. Sears attempts to fix holding cell issues on the cheap!
Right image is a correct cell block.


Local 724 goes international to support the blue line!
Rich Cable in Paris.
Rich stopped and paid respect at an anniversary memorial for
Captain Xavier Jugele who died in a terrorist act on April 20th 2017.



Retirees firearms 2019


Good Luck Scott!

Go to Facebook and wish him well!



Firearms training 2019


2019 - 300 Shooters so far


Salas and Rood join the union!
Janus who?
Officers Gus Salas and Chris Rood. Both are POST certified officers who come to NLPD from the Connecticut State Police, Willimantic Police Department, respectively, and both most recently served with the Mashantucket Police Department.

Jose Pansini to attend police academy in Meriden.

NLPD completes trade with Mashantucket.

S Jones, a box of flares and a player to be named later...

For 2 certified laterals!


Groton City Pd joins Council 4!

“We were impressed with everything we saw about Council 4,” said Sgt. Steven Smith, the Local Union President. “The depth of this organization will provide us with the resources we need to advocate for our members and better protect the community we serve.” Read more




Dept gets new Field Training Officers!

Jerimiah Lamont, Mike Lewis, Melissa Schafranski, and Chris White
to have the skills to train the new recruits!


Dept goes all in!
All Admin paperwork goes digital!

Shift Commanders working with no backup safety net!

OT book must be still signed!

In fixing the report room problem they cause another!
Diverted air intake in to mens locker room
leaves stench of Dayshift bombing runs
for shifts to come!

No fresh air coming in to locker room!


President takes the boys on the
sunny field!



Nolan wins special election for 39th District state House seat!

The Day


Shift Commander’s office still leaking almost
1 year of out of service for water remediation!

Location and design was wrong to begin with!


Midnight shift celebrating with Sgt. Bergeson (belated)
and Sgt. Pelchat on their promotion.



Congrats Joe Pelchat!

New London officer, Marine Corps vet promoted to sergeant



Some police departments dump bodycam programs amid high costs
body cam
The Washington Post

They got all the answers NOW....

Too bad they didn't then...

Calls for Mayor Passero to
implement police body cameras in
comment section.

"Rhetoric can be rousing,
but speeches are not justice"



Find the filth - Police HQ edition.
From floors to ceiling, building still a disaster.


Jimmy top Ticket master!


Thank You to all the K-9 Donators
over the past year!

Members submit your memo to be the next dog handler.


Chief pledges support
to the "NLPD Officer" in 2019!

You may see this pledge referred to
all year long...



Newman Police Department officer Ronil Singh
was killed on duty conducting a traffic stop.
California's sanctuary prevented local authorities from reporting Gustavo Perez Arriaga to U.S. immigration officials for two previous drunken driving arrests and deported.




Union helps send NL athlete to All America competetion.

Congratulations Zhi Mir Maddox Moore



Members eat well during Holiday





The New London police Union have acquired 20 trees that need a good home.
The trees are in the back lot of headquarters.
Anyone know of any treeless families that need some Christmas cheer, come collect one.

12/22/18 @ 1250hrs

Thank you Lowes of Waterford. 2nd delivery of the day!




The season for giving!

Union donates to 5 needy familes.

Phyllis Cappuccio
Ex Director Covenant Shelter

The Notts out do themselves again!
Fire and Police Toy drive

donating to numerous needy families!


New SRO J Malaro represents well in the BDJMS v Student Basketball game!




It starts with a parking lot and metamorphosis in to a regional police force!

City MUST impact bargin with Local 724 before it
Changes work conditions!

New London, Waterford, East Lyme police look to share arrest powers
Council wrong in dictating policy prior to bargaining!


Ackley quick to solve the Cities problems from the sideline....
becomes frequent newspaper commenter.

Hypocritical comments...
"Taxpayers flipped the bill" for your abundant Comp' time
and overtime as a Capt' getting your online degree!



Police Union welcomes 2 new recruits!

Jarvis and Hajj

Mayor publicly recognizes The Union President efforts for actively
pushing to fill vacant police positions and new promotions.

"I will continue to work with Chief Reichard and Mayor Passero
to repair the harm done by the previous Chief and Mayor."



Members take it to the court!
New BB court at 40 Truman St

More pix to like




Griff rips up the track the Waterford speed bowl !

Thanks to all the Union volunteers
and all mutual aid departments that made the night a success!

Special thanks to star of the show
Mr Balloon animal, Josh Malaro!










Supreme Court Sides with Billionaires Over Working People
Janus v. AFSCME Council 31

AFSCME President Lee Saunders.

President Lynch:
"It would be a horrible mistake for any member to opt out of the union"
"They will hear our voices loud and clear!"




The big three...






New K-9 shirts now available!

T-Shirts available now.
Orders are being taken for special sizes and Sweatshirts.

Email: I want a T-Shirt or jkondash@ci.new-london.ct.us



Sailfest 2017
















web page counter

NL credit uion



Oh boy,
Now the 40 Truman St roof leaks!


AUGUST Political update

VP monitors Union operations from undisclosed location!
Working towards a quick recovery and return to work after 3rd eye surgery.



Sept 18th
At Police HQ
1430-1530 hrs



President keeps his word from Union meeting!

"All members will be
treated equally!"

Has another City Hall meeting to make adjustments. Changes made to the top of the K-9 unit!



Welcome new Officers Mike Jarvis and Joe Hajj !

BTW... Your ordered in for Sailfest!

724 is every where!



NLPU's new hero,Custodian Tommy Ferrino!

Lunch room looks
brand new!



Mike B makes generous donation to Thomas Williamson fundraiser!

EBoard Mat and Darin come to terms with city on Detectives HA Grievance!


Mayor Passero proposes 2 cops in FY19-20 budget!

Pres Lynch gets his 2018

WS ring!



Dog handlers Justin Lawrie and John Michaud to

have a FULL 3 weeks of training together!

President brings home some trophies from spring training!

JD Martinez and Big Pappi autographed bats!



Tiffany's last day!

Best wishes Tiff!


T Lynch and Jasper help close cold case in Wisconsin!

10 years later. Sturgeon Bay Police WI
get conviction


Get a job!

Dispatcher vacancies
Apply here


Red Sox security officer
and Luis Tiant...

Staying in their lane!

The Turtle emerges!

Ret' Union Pres' Chip Segar and Ret' Capt Mike Lacey


EBoard endorses Anthony Nolan for State Rep'



Happy B-Day GM451!


Ret' Sgt Paul Sawicki

Union has spoken to Fish's family we will relay more info as soon as available.


Uniform Commitee email hits home with members.

Right on!


New member to the Dept coming soon!

Union discusses #4
with City Hall!

Rich Cable and NL Police Union remember the victims of Sandy Hook.

Thank you Fisher Florist.
Riverside Park playscape




Testing for leaks in the roof...


Long time Union leader - Cpl Charlie Alloway Passes

Served as Corporal for more than 40 years.

Served as President for the New London Police Dept inaugural years as a newly-formed Local 724.


Sgt Dave Ferland!

Waterford pd gets another highly qualified cop..
Thanks again Peg




Clay Sizer still living a life of public service. Norwich area Veterans Council- VP

Photo is from the Norwich 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day - Chelsea Parade.






Honor Guard McCourt

Parking lot
Cements dry.....



Mat Cassiere last
day in patrol.

Afts has pizza celebration




Action photos from NLPD v NPD softball game

Click here


Norwich Bulletin
"Meet a Vet"

NLPD's own Clay Sizer





First day of school

Jimmy hits it BIG! $$


Its mind boggling what we spend our money on..!?


Dan J supplies mother
and son a TV

after they lose belongings in a domestic case.



This mids guy can work days...Anytime!

Cable-Cabe treats Dayshifters to some donuts




President on the field

Yanks v Red Sox
Game of the week!

Weekend Overtime
/ Order-in update.

16 vacant shifts Aug 19
18 vacant shifts Aug 12
20 vacant shifts Aug 5
20 vacant shifts July 29
20 vacant shifts July 22
84 shifts over Sailfest wknd
20 vacant shifts June 23rd
14 vacant shifts June 16th
23 vacant shifts June 9th
15 vacant shifts June 2nd
18 vacant shifts May 27th
21 vacant shifts May 20th
23 vacant shifts May 12th


Jordan S whips up breakfast!

Sailfest selfies

See more action pixs



Apply by 8/10



Congrates Trish!

Trish Lieteau to be promoted to Sgt - Groton City July 2


Katherine Keating goes high to capture Department photo

for her new NLPD in
pictures book

Six union members attend Trooper Miller’s funeral.

Lt Pickett, Lt Galante, Sgt Laurie, Officer Bunkley,
MPO Suarez and Officer Cable