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Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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New London Emerald Society
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Join the NLPD

how to become a police pfficer
Click for application process Multiple openings available
law enforcement job openings
Designed by law enforcement professionals and technology experts, PoliceApp.com is the smart solution to the process of recruiting and hiring quality candidates for police and CT law enforcement job openings.



Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

Next Wave is a network of rising union leaders in AFSCME.
Any young member interested, come to Union meeting 6/29.
Our goal is to create pathways to union leadership for new and young members. Whether you are new to the union or a seasoned activist, there’s a place for you in Next Wave.
Friday, June 12, 2015 - Sunday, June 14, 2015 St Louis

June 6, 1944 - The Day of Days

June 6, 2015 - D -Day
Kegger and Locker sale TBA

Union meeting April 29th

Police week May 10


48th Annual Council 15 Convention

June 15, 2015 - June 17, 2015


B-Lo hands out NLPD literature
to LEC applicants

as they depart testing in Groton.

52 new applicants take test.

As mayor, Passero said he would set a goal of hiring at least six new police officers each year until the department reaches the mandated level of 80 officer and would not meddle in the department’s business.

“It pains me to see what has happened to our police department under the current administration,” Passero said. “Our dedicated officers on the city’s streets are keeping us safe. They need and deserve a professional management structure free from political interference.”


Retiree firearms qualifications - June

Contact K Barney 860-447-5285
as rules have changed and paperwork is needed.


Make a Wish Volleyball - OBP June 7th 0930

Team 724 Capt needed!


Firearms training next 2 weeks.

Remember - bring a lunch
Firearms team makes training fun!


Old police friends Carl Lee and Tommy Maynard

Old C.O.P.S, neighborhood watch, PCRC members
help clean up the city in a different way... Good job to all!


PCRC elects Kris Wright as Chairperson by 4-3 vote

Union Members disappointed, Union President walks out of meeting

Union will no longer fund any PCRC civic events as it has done in the past.


Short sleeve uniform now optional..

Members have the choice this month to
wear whats comfortable, long or short.

Whitey to start new Diver service company

"Dive and Seek LLC" to be open soon!


Finance Committe goes over Mayor proposed Police budget


The mayor proposed a budget of $8,343,031, which represents an increase of $424,072,
or about 5.4 percent, over the current police budget.
Accounts for a police force of 72
Finizio rejected Reichards request for a lieutenant-level position to function as
the department’s head of professional standards.

2 new recruits Ashley James and Jordan Salas



Promotional tests posted

Detective - App to personnel by 4/15 - Test May 12 @ 1130
Sgt - App to personnel by 4/30 - Test May 12 @ 0930
LT - App to personnel by 4/30 - Test May 12 @ 0930

Groton Municipal bldg



Good news - Roof repaired
Bad news - Stairs still in disrepair



State of the City address

Finizio’s proposed budget does not include funding for additional police officers, firefighters or other city positions, but does fully fund vacant positions and positions that were funded for only a portion of the current fiscal year

Marty Olsen said what struck him more than the issues Finizio addressed Tuesday evening were those that the mayor did not mention during his speech, particularly the status of suspended police Chief Margaret Ackley and possible increases in insurance costs.



Approximately six years ago Jennifer McDonald, wife of Norwich Police Officer Greg McDonald, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

After years of treatment and surgery the McDonald family received heartbreaking news on Monday, March 16, 2015. Jennifer's cancer is not only back, but extremely aggressive.



Big Guy to attend FBI National Academy this Fall.

Capt Wright

Its mission is “to support, promote, and enhance the personal and professional development of law enforcement leaders by preparing them for complex, dynamic, and contemporary challenges through innovative techniques, facilitating excellence in education and research, and forging partnerships throughout the world.”



Ackelys attempt to decertify Dave McElroy FAILS!

POST drops Ackleys complaint: READ


Full transcript to be available soon...




Old friend Dan Talbot (LAPD) to be promoted to Detective 3 !
Det' 3 is equivalent to LT, Leaving NLPD pays off again!

1990 - Dan and J Newlin at 40 Crystal Ave - 2011 Dan during LAPD training


Local 724 member reports that recent city safety meeting provided preliminary findings from OSHA report on police department air quality.

OSHA was asked to come in after several 724 members have developed ear nose and throat symptoms.
Investigation found:

- Temperatures varied throughout the building
- CO2 was acceptable
- Humidity was very low for time of year
- Mold was moderate throughout the building
- High mold located in areas with water damage:
Patrol Captain's Office, Shift Commander's Office, locker rooms
- Dust found in building was tested identified as: plastic, fly ash, tire particles and outside pollution

Read Union archives on 2007 issues here

EPA publications outlines :
The remediation manager's (city) highest priority must be to protect the health and safety of the building occupants.

Member complaints of headaches, sinus infections rise AGIAN!

2007 Mold in dispatch



Hiring of Kathleen Eldergill passes council 5-1

Marty Olsen - mad as a hornet

"Mayor has been sitting on this for
"This should be tabled until we get answers!"

Demands a report from Tina Collins or Mayor on WHAT has been done so far in investigation of Chief.


"Does Mayor have just cause or not!?"
Taxpayers are angry, I make admendment that council receives full report when complete.

Shoot or don't shoot:
Police scenarios prove eye-opening for civil rights leaders.
Read it

Who is Kathleen Eldergill
Super Lawyer

Local 724 will continue to be a PRODUCTIVE part of the community.
Hundreds of dollars donated and time volunteered.

Carter Scholarship football
United Way Gemma Moran Food drive
Make a wish foundation Volleyball
Wounded Warrior
NLHS police academy
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special Olympics basketball / torch run
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
TVCCA boot drive
Blue Mass
McCourt Foundation

Photo by Tim Martin

Neighborhood alliance
Adopt a family, Fishing tournament, easter egg hunt



Skinny strips boat to prepare Marine Unit for Auction!

Salvaged marine equipment sent to storage..
Chief Ackley sank program from the start..




Deputy Chief nominates entire PD for policeman of the year!

The annual awards night banquet will take place at the Murphy-Rathbun VFW POST 189
on Saturday November 8, 2014 from 6 to 8 pm.
Tickets can be purchased from Brenda in the Administration office.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have nominated all of the hard-working men and women of the New London Police Department for the 2014 VFW Post 189 Police Officer(s) of the Year Award. Your dedication to the profession, the City of New London and its people have shown me that each and every member of this agency has stepped up to overcome the daily obstacles we face to make the City of New London a safer place.

Together, as a team, we can remain strong and support one another during the crises we face as police officers. Together, as a team, we can move the department forward in a positive direction, form new partnerships and friendships within the community, and provide professional services to all in need. You, the men and women of the New London Police Department, define what the New London Police Department is and represent the City of New London at its finest. I personally thank each of you for your unique contribution to the department.

Peter G. Reichard
Deputy Chief of Police









A new survey of former New London police officers suggests that the extraordinarily high turnover at the New London Police Department is due to the mismanagement of Police Chief Margaret Ackley. Just in the last 2 months, 13 officers have left the New London police force.

C15“We believe that the constant turnover and poor work environment at the New London Police Department, which this survey links directly to Chief Ackley, are major obstacles to keeping the public safe,” said Jeffrey H. Matchett, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 15. Council 15 represents nearly 4,000 Connecticut police offices, including those on the New London force. “Under Chief Ackley’s watch, experienced officers are leaving New London in droves to serve other communities”, according to the survey.

Over 40 police officers that left during Chief Ackley’s tenure, which began in June of 2009, were asked a number of questions relating to their jobs at New London. When asked to identify factors that led to their departures, more than six in ten officers ranked a “harsh work environment,” among their top two choices. Sixty-one percent selected “problems with the police chief,” as their first or second most determining factor for leaving.

The former officers also indicated on the survey that they considered their relationship with Police Chief Ackley very poor, giving it a ranking of 2.6 on a 10 scale. This is contrasted with satisfaction with their co-workers, direct supervisor, and their union, all of which ranked above 7. “The results of survey provide a compelling case for new leadership,” said Matchett.
attrny brown
A press conference to discuss the full results of the survey is currently being planned. An advisory will be disturbed when further details are available.

NL credit uion





Mid - April update
because theres a lot going on
Chucks blog

Skinny reassigned

LM going to records
Cross training..
Just in case!


Ret' LT Mike Finkelstein
Every Wed live
Phot from The Day
lee elci show 6-9am


We Must Stand With Law Enforcement Officers!

AFSCME President Lee Saunders blog

Missy assigned to

Cold Case Squad


Pottsy speaks out
read it
Read letter to editor


Mike Passsero on Renshaw Report!

City needs professional management!
Council funded for 6 more officers but that has not been done!
The Mayor controls the police chief.. again lack of professional management!


Union and Admin come to agreement to fed weary troops at all major events!



Smitty speaks out.

Read letter to editor


Administrations new car shuffle matrix video
Emergency calls have to wait until.....



NLPD honors Newtown Victim Emilie Parker


Congrats Sgt Johnson and Sgt Strecker on new
Master Sgt patches!

Internal review clears Lynch of wrongdoing in arrest of New London business owner!

Read it

Summary Judgement
in favor of T Lynch!
Read - Lynch V Ackley


Renshaw report
marty olsen says
Police dept is in purgatory, low morale, let the chief go, lets move on!


New London Police Chief Ackley must go;
but how?


Police union donates the Bait for 40 children at

The Neighborhood Alliance fishing Tournament!



UNION telephonic fundraiser
TCI click
Union returns monies back to the community:

Carter Scholarship
United Way Gemma Moran
Make a wish foundation
Wounded Warrior
Neighborhood alliance - easter egg hunt, fishing tourny, adopt a family Christmas gifts, toy drive
NLHS non alcoholic senior party
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special olympics
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
and more..

Sheffield Pharmaceuticals
Donates $500 to NLPD Color Guard!


American Police Beat article

Law Enforcement leadership