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NO Give backs!

Workers organize labor unions primarily to secure better wages and better working conditions. We hold that they also organize in order to participate in the decision which affect them at work and the community.

Local 724 to join AFSCME Legal Defense Program.
legal defense program

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New London Emerald Society
new organization

Join the NLPD

how to become a police pfficer
Click for application process Multiple openings available
law enforcement job openings
Designed by law enforcement professionals and technology experts, PoliceApp.com is the smart solution to the process of recruiting and hiring quality candidates for police and CT law enforcement job openings.



Discounted rates on all types of insurance
from our liability insurance carrier.
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Thompson & Peck

Pack the paddywagon underway!
Keith Robbins donates first turkey!

Saturday Nov 22nd
Shop rite parking lot 8-4
Past action photos

NLPD childrens Holiday party

Dec 13th @ 1230
Bring gift and food

$1,400 raised for Cancer Society!

No shave November

Police Union Holiday party Dec 8th

Hannafins 5-8pm free food
All retired, transfered, Department employees and police friends welcome!


New London Police Union introduces new Banner!

to be used at Union functions


Join the Below 100 campaign!
below 100

Below 100 Program, an initiative that aims to reduce the line of duty deaths to below 100, a number not the seen since 1944.

Current LODD - 99
(line of duty deaths)
below 100

Little known fact-

Retired member Eddie Hedge first brought Below 100 to CT and has made it a personal mission to educate all LE in the State.

Keep an eye out for future postings in Officer Magazine

As Eddie helps further promote Below 100 within the LE community with the help of Gordon Graham and Dale Stockton, Editor of Law Officer Magazine



724 salutes our Vets!

Adkins, Dustin 1stLT Air Force
Basket, Kyle IC3 Navy
Bergeson, Josh Corporal Marines
Bergeson, Todd Corporal Marines
Brisson-Lopez, Carl PO 2 Navy
Cable, Rich Army Spec 4
Coe, Doreen Captain Army
Cavanaugh, Mike S/Sergeant Army
Green, John Navy
Griffin, Ryan Sergeant Army
Jaramillo, Dan IC2 Navy
Kramer, Chris Army
MacDonald, Russell Corporal Marines
Mariano, Mike Sergeant Army
Martin, Mike
McBride, Kevin CPO Coast Guard
Milaro, Josh Captain Army
Neff, Wayne Sergeant Army
Nichols, Jeff Private Marines
Nolan, Anthony PO 3rd Navy
Northup, Tom S/Sergeant Air Force
O’Mara, Darrin Spec 4 Army
Pelchat, Joseph Sergeant Marines
Strecker, Mike Spec 4 Army



Deputy Chief nominates entire PD for policeman of the year!

The annual awards night banquet will take place at the Murphy-Rathbun VFW POST 189
on Saturday November 8, 2014 from 6 to 8 pm.
Tickets can be purchased from Brenda in the Administration office.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have nominated all of the hard-working men and women of the New London Police Department for the 2014 VFW Post 189 Police Officer(s) of the Year Award. Your dedication to the profession, the City of New London and its people have shown me that each and every member of this agency has stepped up to overcome the daily obstacles we face to make the City of New London a safer place.

Together, as a team, we can remain strong and support one another during the crises we face as police officers. Together, as a team, we can move the department forward in a positive direction, form new partnerships and friendships within the community, and provide professional services to all in need. You, the men and women of the New London Police Department, define what the New London Police Department is and represent the City of New London at its finest. I personally thank each of you for your unique contribution to the department.

Peter G. Reichard
Deputy Chief of Police


Fire arms training complete:
Chris White earns Top Gun status
All 300 shooters compete for closest grouping

2 NEW 300 Shooters
photos by Dan Jphotos by Dan J
Patty T and JZ get perfect scores!

8 total 300 shooters this year:

Sgt LM Keating - 2nd place TG award
Sgt Strecker
Det Crandall
P Tidd
R Linderson
J Zelinski
C White
C Lavimoniere



Read Article submitted by our readers





Max ready with the Halloween candy!

Halloween event! Friday 10/24 6-9 pm
Costume parade at waterfront downtown



Local 724 sponsors golf outing for Probation Officer Terry Ward


Political rally - Oct 16 Garde Theater

Good Job Chuck for producing another great show!



Thank you City Council!
Contract passes 6 - 0

Members ready to use new contract benefits!

Congratulations to FDNL for acceptance
into CMERS !

Calvin Darrow Pulls the pin!

Help is on the way...

Recruits from Left to Right: Brendan Benway, Justin Beers, and Justin Lawrie)
Photo from
indepth local news
New London hires three new police recruits

Finizio said three years ago, during a restructuring in leadership positions, Crowley was one of the few members of the senior staff who stayed on.

“Without his steady guidance we would not have come through it as well as we did,” Finizio said.




24 annual Blue Mass and brunch for
law Enforcement and their families Sept 21 1015

Photo by Tim Martin
Photo by Tim Martin from The Day
Rich Cable and his brother took part in a GoRuck Physical Fitness Challenge to
pay tribute to the victims of 9-11.

The event was 13 hours and covered 21 miles through New York City. Participants carried 40 lbs ruck sack and other items from 25lbs to 120 lbs and at times had to carry each other along the way.

Rich did this challenge in part to honor Juliana Valentine McCourt!
Good Job Rich!

The field is empty...

Annual benefit softball game cancelled - staffing issues
Committee to be formed to organize upcoming years events.



How lack of sleep may cause deadly police errors



Buck and Ike honored!

James Cortina, Board Director for the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association, presented K9 memorial plaques on behalf of the C.P.W.D.A. Board of Directors and it’s members to the New London’s Police Department, to Officer John Michaud for K9 Buck who passed away 6/24/14 and Sergeant Matt Galante for K9 Ike who passed away on 12/13/13.
Plaques were presented on 7/25/14.



Team 724 wins divisional game in Carter Scholarship Football game!

Coach Zelinski leads team 724 to WIN!
Hulland, Cable, Lax and CSP Gorra grind out tough grid iron battle!

$35,000 raised!


Shootings Redefine Beat of School Police Officers - Read
click to read


Union officials in early and stay late to negotiate GDM changes.

Any changes to General Duty Manual have to be negotiated with the Union.



Chris White and the regional dive team run drills off City Pier.



With festival over, time to put away the command van...



Local 724 Salutes and a public Thank You to all the mutual aid police agencies that made Sailfest 2014 possible:

AMTRAK Police, CT State Police, CT ENCON Police, DESPP-Homeland Security, East Lyme, FBI-New Haven, FBI-CTIC, Groton City, Groton Town, Montville, Norwich, Old Saybrook, US Coast Guard Station New London, USCGA Police, US Homeland Security and Waterford Police.




2014 Sailfest comes to a close!

2 of Amtraks 25 cops, 2 Capts and 2 star DC that provided NLPD assistance.
View of State St @ 0200 Hrs Sunday morning.


Retired Sgt Wille Brown is anonymously given a NLPD Medallion
issued by the Chief to NLPD Officers working the festival.

Sgt Keating stands with former NLPD officers L Bonkowski
and J Knickerson now working for Waterford Pd. Thanks for your help!



Troops move out for the venue - Its begun!

its all fun now.....

articles submitted by members for your reading

From the Corps to cops: How these military values translate to police leadership


NLPD: Desperate for recruitment, yet silent on retention Issues








Good Job 123rd Training Troop !
Clachire - Troop K
Gorra - Troop F
Litwin, Starky, Marrcaccio - Troop D

Photos - From the Courant

Past Fab Four


John Manville ends his career with long time dispatch partner Robin.
robin john president lynch cake
Robin and John complete 3-11 shift together.

good luck john
Congrates John!




A new survey of former New London police officers suggests that the extraordinarily high turnover at the New London Police Department is due to the mismanagement of Police Chief Margaret Ackley. Just in the last 2 months, 13 officers have left the New London police force.

C15“We believe that the constant turnover and poor work environment at the New London Police Department, which this survey links directly to Chief Ackley, are major obstacles to keeping the public safe,” said Jeffrey H. Matchett, Executive Director of AFSCME Council 15. Council 15 represents nearly 4,000 Connecticut police offices, including those on the New London force. “Under Chief Ackley’s watch, experienced officers are leaving New London in droves to serve other communities”, according to the survey.

Over 40 police officers that left during Chief Ackley’s tenure, which began in June of 2009, were asked a number of questions relating to their jobs at New London. When asked to identify factors that led to their departures, more than six in ten officers ranked a “harsh work environment,” among their top two choices. Sixty-one percent selected “problems with the police chief,” as their first or second most determining factor for leaving.

The former officers also indicated on the survey that they considered their relationship with Police Chief Ackley very poor, giving it a ranking of 2.6 on a 10 scale. This is contrasted with satisfaction with their co-workers, direct supervisor, and their union, all of which ranked above 7. “The results of survey provide a compelling case for new leadership,” said Matchett.
attrny brown
A press conference to discuss the full results of the survey is currently being planned. An advisory will be disturbed when further details are available.


Lt test results
one two three
1. Potts
2. McBride
3. Pickett
4. LJ Keating
5. Strecker

NL credit uion


learn more on Amber alerts



Congrats Sgt Moreau and Sgt Strecker on new
Master Sgt patches!

Roger fills void in
candy machine...

after Moke drops the ball!


Moke feeling fine and so is Foriegn Review!

Places 2nd Laurel Park Maryland. Watch

"I think I'm coming back for one more year!"


Capt (Col') Steve Crowley
retirement party - 34 years!
Hey Ace!
Tony D's -Dec 19th 5-9pm
RSVP Flyer - click here


Post election update!
Chucks blog

New vehicle inspection forms!



Organized Labor Delivers Victory on Election Day!

Gubernatorial: Malloy/ Wyman WIN Congress: Joe Courtney WIN
State Rep: Ernie Hewett WIN
Comptroller Kevin Lembo WIN
Sec of State Denise Merrill WIN

Congratulations also extended to:
State Senator 20th Dist Paul Formica
State Rep 40th Dist Aundre Bumgardner

November Political update


More pictures from

Malloy rally


Internal review clears Lynch of wrongdoing in arrest of New London business owner!

Read it

Summary Judgement
in favor of T Lynch!
Read - Lynch V Ackley


Renshaw report
marty olsen says
Police dept is in purgatory, low morale, let the chief go, lets move on!

Its a small orld after all...

Ret' Sgt Eric Deltgen and D.C. Chip Segar stumble upon each other in Disney World!



Condolences to police friend Marianna McGuirk and family
political rally
at the passing of FDNL Brendan McGuirck after a long battle with Cancer.


New London Police Chief Ackley must go;
but how?


Police union donates the Bait for 40 children at

The Neighborhood Alliance fishing Tournament!


US District Court News!

Lance Goode voluntary dismissal of all allegations against Union President Todd Lynch

Thanks to Salvation army Volunteers, CSP and Mutual aid Officers for your assistance!


Good job Hez!



Retired K-9 Buck passes - succumbs to Cancer

Thoughts and prayers to his partner
J Michaud and family.

Congratulations to
Brian Laurie
Brian was one of 10 Officers state wide to receive

The Task Force Partnership Award from the US Attorneys Office!

Cleaning up the streets!

Josh taking it to another level!

USS San Juan commander relieved from duty
"Biondi's relief was related to shortfalls in professional performance, leading to leadership's loss of confidence in his ability to serve in a position of command authority,"

"Thanks NL, for laying me off 20 years ago!"

Stowell retires CSP

You think your job is bad...?
Prisoner soils the holding cell
on purpose.

smear campaign
Jimmy Hall to the rescue!



UNION telephonic fundraiser
TCI click
Union returns monies back to the community:

Carter Scholarship
United Way Gemma Moran
Make a wish foundation
Wounded Warrior
Neighborhood alliance - easter egg hunt, fishing tourny, adopt a family Christmas gifts, toy drive
NLHS non alcoholic senior party
Salvation army
McCourt Foundation
FDNL burn foundation
Special olympics
Sandy Ground Project
NLHS Halloween event
and more..

Officers get tazor certified
See Segar get tazed



Good Job Eric and Bunk'!

Officers Christopher Bunkley and Eric Hulland received “The Police Medal” for their actions on the evening of Nov. 15 when, while on foot patrol, they spotted a hand-to-hand drug transaction in the area of the municipal parking lots between Eugene O’Neill Drive and Pearl Street.


Roger Newton Sues the City!
click for complaint
Read Complaint

click for OSS report
PDF (60 pges)

The city paid for this report on the police department to evaluate the current (2007) state of police operation, needs, and wants and to consider and provide recommendations in numerous areas.
Pge 40 describes staffing levels.

Sheffield Pharmaceuticals
Donates $500 to NLPD Color Guard!


American Police Beat article

Law Enforcement leadership